Sunday, August 12, 2012

Soak No More!

Soak no more! says the boy,
who sells bubble makers,
that has seen no takers.

These are no bubbles,
but dreams in a crowd;
thus he calls out loud.

He gracefully pleads
to let them all fly,
into the winter sky.

Dreams into reality,
they shall spin,
says he, with a grin.

But before he leaves
he gladly glances,
at all the happy faces.

“Bubbles they only are.
Rest was all but lies.”
Saying so, he smiles.

And then he declares;
appear they shall, immaterial,
but joy hides in the trivial!

PS: About the picture - I met this little boy who sells bubble makers at Lalbagh who was eager to empty the solution until i captured my best shot. In return I promise to give him some prints.