Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Talk Show's

I have always liked talk shows since they open up a window into someone’s life, it always need not be a celebrity but any person for that matter who definitely has an interesting story to tell. It takes a good host to ask the right questions and explore a human being not in a way to interfere in their life but to understand them, as a fellow being. And according to me no one does that as gracefully as Simi Garewal. I had been a big fan of “Rendezvous with Simi Garewal” and admired the way in which she empathetically explored a character. Talk shows can be interesting irrespective of the individual being interviewed but in the interest of many it has always been a celebrity who is widely known and is extremely successful in his field. Simi began her second similar show now, “Simi selects India’s most desirable.”

The moment I watched the first episode I realized that I should not expect a Rendezvous in this show. Rendezvous dealt more with an understanding of the individual and experiences that contributed in their larger than life image. On the contrary this show is more for youngsters and is of a different format that deals with fame and predominately relationships. The episodes, though not the one I may prefer (Rendezvous types) are very interesting and Simi as usual tries to explore the personality beyond coated words. When questions are probed about a relationship several learning’s come out of them. I liked what one of the celebrity’s spoke – “Do not depend on one person to control your happiness.”

Several are very sugar coated lines but to pick the right words in between the lines requires art. :-)

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Southwest Monsoon!

The sky tirelessly showers all day, with intensity varying from swift to slow and fast again, but never stops. The leaves cleanse themselves with the eternal shower, the stems and roots end their thirst with abundance of water resulted by an all day rain; pouring water mask the visibility beyond a few trees and fields. Collected water finds a slope to slip into, making its way between trees and bushes, like several lost rivers finding their way to the sea and people; hurriedly running towards their work or home with an umbrella held close to their head preventing the wind from flexing the links of the umbrella to invert the canvas. Toad’s speech, tapping of the drops on leaves, trees swaying with the wind, all blend into a melodious music. This is somewhere close to what Monsoon looks like in Mangalore.

Lying down on your bed, all by yourself with no personal commitments that needs immediate attention; no weddings to attend, no functions to witness, no shopping; no professional hassles; no assignments or deliverables; no pre-occupied thoughts, no words from past or present, no person in mind; all day to yourself, watching the rain, from the bedroom window, munching hot snacks, with some coffee or tea and a book of your choice or a task of your interest that is not forced but a willing execution of a mind’s desire; that of your mind. This would be an ideal way to enjoy Monsoon in Mangalore.

I was in Mangalore last weekend for my cousins wedding and I enjoyed every shower, every un-timely rain, including the one when the bridegroom’s relatives (us) arrive at the marriage hall and wait for the royal welcome. Being by the Arabian Sea, Mangalore receives heavy rainfall from the Southwest monsoon and for me has been the most enjoyable time there when, everything slows down and surrenders to the rain. So I am glad I was there this time to welcome the south west monsoon to my home town!