Thursday, March 22, 2007

Postive Thoughts

Once I met a very interesting person, who then became a very good friend of mine. During our long talks, he once mentioned a statement that put me into serious thoughts.

He said - “I am extremely satisfied with my life, Ajey...I have got all that I had wanted, just the way I had thought of."

That evening, my mind went for a serious roller coaster ride to understand the truth in his statement. Several questions bothered me-

Is it possible for someone to be completely satisfied from his/her life?
How lucky should one be to have all the dreams come true?
Was it just a consolation? A false comfort? (Which it dint look like from what I knew of my friend.)

In my life, when I have seen so many disturbed souls, always complaining about life and its miss giving’s; people who are worried because of silly reasons like waiter getting water with fingers dipped into glass or passing unnecessary comments about others to show their dissatisfaction on their own life; looking at every incident with a negative perspective and de-motivating people around or worrying about life’s injustice in several unfulfilled dreams. In midst such people, here was someone who said he had enjoyed every bend of life's journey and he had received what he had exactly expected from it. Strange!

I was very moved by his talks and I started analyzing my own life. I had not got everything I had desired for. And I always thought that everything might not turn up the way we need and we need to accept some failures on our way. But until I met my friend, I did not think that it was possible to expect 100% return on investment of dreams. :-)
For characters like "Madhavi" in "Page 3"(Which I assume are plenty in this world) it seems like only a "Pearl" who take life extremely lightly or a "Gayatri" who can sacrifice anything for her dreams and desires can be successful in life. But the movie still ends with so much of possibility despite the several failures to only indicate us to accept life as it is, in a very positive manner and still stick to your dreams and desires.

Thoughts can be many, some satisfying, some unsatisfying, but this note from my friend has definitely left a hope in me to repeat the same words some day. It’s so nice to talk positively and bring a hope in others than talk negatively and de-motivate someone. I felt good that I had someone as a friend who always takes life positively and encourages others to build hope in a very distinctive manner probably unknown to himself. These words have left me in a task in life to fulfill all my dreams; even the one’s that I could not satisfy when I was a teenager. I do not know if these words are true, or they are just an illusion or an impossible assurance but it definitely has motivated me to break the thin line between illusions and reality.

“Fail I might many times, but the positive thoughts will keep me going.”

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Here is something I wrote on Friendship 2 years back.


Study on human nature is something that has always fascinated me. When I meet or speak or simply listen to someone I not only read the words that they say but try to read even them that people tend to hide. This interest has been in me for a long time now. And at this age I think I have realized the needs of an other human. How they may possibly react to a given situation is what becomes very predictable after certain level of interaction with someone. This makes easy to interact with others and build friendship.

There are so many people who enter our lives and leave a remarkable impression. They turn out to be a close or best friend or sometimes even a mentor. But what I want to write today is not about them. I want to write about those people whom we meet for a very small interval of life and think, “wish I had known them better.”

This world is filled with interesting people and this interest varies from person to person. According to me the things that people look in others are what they lack in themselves. This I believe s the secret behind any attraction towards another human which later turns into friendship.

A very silent person may like a talkative friend; a talkative on other hand would prefer a patient listener and so on. So obviously what one looks for in their friends is the qualities that they lack in themselves which fulfills their needs.

Many interesting people come into our lives on day to day basis and we make friends with them by sharing our past experiences, joys and also sorrows. But some just pay a guest appearance and leave back a big impact. It’s tempting to know someone’s past, present and future in such situations but the time is up.

A few words of fun, some smiles and laughter’s and then move along the path that is destined for you.

I have encountered many such people in my life and I always hope that I see them again or at least try to keep in touch to maintain that special bond, that may be for a small instance, but existed.

When I look at myself in the mirror, I realize that every human is divided into two parts; one outside the mirror and the other inside looking very similar. You never know when which side of the mirror takes over. This I believe has always been a complex game of mind to distinguish reality. Different emotions on both side of the mirror keeps changing sides and it becomes difficult to differentiate reality from illusion. The more one tries to clear these, the more he gets trapped in this vast mist.

Another thing that people tend to get attracted is similarity in the past. Similarity of something that has happened in your life makes the sides of the mirror change by itself.

The problem with we humans is that we consider a moment to turn into life time, which leads to lot of pain and depressions. We tend to live in the same time space and expect it to be the same always.

If possible live boldly, make friends with them whom you think will fulfill all the fun that you lacked till now or want to experience. If you think you have not known someone very well enough, and then don’t give up hope, don’t give up trying which at least remains to console you at the end.

There are many people in our lives who never leave any impact on us, because you find shades of yourself in them. You find your past in them or you see the qualities that you hate or once hated in yourself. But some even in a short span of life leave surprisingly remarkable impression. The secret behind both is you and your hobbies. If I am to bring magnetic field concept to picture here, it may be suitable.

“Like poles repel and unlike attracts.”

That’s the reason we make friends with people who have the qualities that we want to acquire but lack. Or once lacked or the experience that you always desired and then no matter for what short period they enter your life they definitely leave an impact.


Monday, March 05, 2007

Blog Theft

“How often do you get to go on a trip and start it with a fight, more fight and then end it with a fight?....” That’s how it starts; my post just two posts below in the blog. Well this is not the only place where it appears. Shabina has had the same experiences, same fights, same adventures and describes in exact same words! Wow! Two absolute strangers, going to same place on same day and having same experiences and wonder what describing it in same words. Well all these things can not be coincident, at least when the pictures on the posts are also similar.

Well blog theft is something that I had only heard of and now it has happened to me. My post on Kaiga trip has been stolen and copy pasted on a blog by some Shabina….and she has copied not only the words but also few pictures. Well a little bored of copying, she missed last few paraghraphs.

My friend S’s uncle calls him to find out who was this girl who apparently had same kind of experience as we did in a trip to Kaiga. S tries to check the site and finds a nice copy and paste of my post with absolute perfection. He calls me to let me know about the theft. I then sit to think how someone can enjoy such false presentation, stolen from elsewhere? Of course this may not continue, as one can not deal with guilt for a long time. But this is something that’s becoming common and we need to find a way to stop it.

So I request you all to leave a small comment on her blog. I have already left a note. :-) Any suggestions from you are welcome.

Here is the link Shabina

Interesting things to notice in the blog –

- Only one post.
- Post copied but ends abruptly…tooo long post to copy?
- One comment from Mubina….Shabina and Mubina sounds nice together.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Pearl In The Oyster

Here is my favorite song from the movie "Moksha". The movie mainly deals with a young man, his strange principles and ambitions. When I watched this film, I always thought that the director has clearly etched his character but his love interest has been ignored. But if clearly noticed, this song on her, describes her thoughts and her opinion. This one song completely demonstrates her character and her state of mind through out the film.

Seep Mein Moti Hain Lekin Koyi Chunta Hi Nahin
Seep Mein Moti Hain Lekin Koyi Chunta Hi Nahin
Baat Ek Kehni Thi Humko
Baat Ek Kehni Thi Humko Koyi Sunta Hi Nahin

( Pearl is in the oyster, but no body is smart enough to pick it.
Just as there is nobody wise enough to listen, to what I have to say. )

Seep Mein Moti Hain Lekin Koyi Chunta Hi Nahin

Kab Khushi Paayi Hai Humne Pathraon Ke Desh Mein
Humko To Gham Hi Yeh Mila Hai Har Khushi Ke Bhesh Mein

( When have I ever found joy… In this immoral world?
All I have found is sadness, even in guise of happiness. )

Seep Mein Moti Hain Lekin Koyi Chunta Hi Nahin
Seep Mein Moti Hain Lekin Koyi Chunta Hi Nahin
Baat Ek Kehni Thi Humko
Baat Ek Kehni Thi Humko Koyi Sunta Hi Nahin

Kehne Ko Sab Humsafar Hain Phir Bhi Begaane Hain Log
Jaan Ke Pehchaan Ke Bhi Kitne Anjaane Hain Log

( In spite of being together, how unfamiliar people seem.
Even the known appear strangers. )

Seep Mein Moti Hain Lekin Koyi Chunta Hi Nahin
Seep Mein Moti Hain Lekin Koyi Chunta Hi Nahin
Baat Ek Kehni Thi Humko
Baat Ek Kehni Thi Humko Koyi Sunta Hi Nahin

Another reason, I like it is because in spite of the song being so sad and depressing the song has been shot in a very optimistic manner. In spite of her mind singing these sad words, she reacts positively to what ever is happening around her; she enjoys the rain; smiles at the scene of crazy wind blowing away her umbrella; makes funny faces at the clones hanging inside a shop and plays with the rain drops. This is such a new and beautiful treatment of a sad song that I have never before seen. It brings out such a nice, positive feeling and thought that in our lives worries may be many; troubles and problems have never spared anyone but in spite of all that there is so many beautiful things in this nature involved in tiniest of tiniest moment, that can fill us with immense strength to face all this and much more.