Sunday, August 27, 2017

Eagle Creek Park, Indianapolis

On Sunday the 6th Of August, Avinash and I decided to go for a trek in Eagle creek park. We chose the 6 mile red trail. It was an easy trek with not much of a climb. Here is the eagle creek park map for your reference.

After paying the vehicle entry fee of $5 we parked our car at one o the park entries and began our trek. It felt really fresh and beautiful out there.

The best part of the trek was walking around the lake. A narrow path led us between two lakes and the sides of the trail was filled with wild flowers in full bloom. Here are some images of all the wild flowers we spotted during our trek.

The ornithologist centre was impressive. It has a small exhibit room and a viewing window to spot the birds. I particularly liked the peach coloured Northern cardinals and the indigo coloured bird called the indigo bunting that came by while we were there. 

What was surprising here was that unlike in Colorado, very few people actually trekked or jogged. Such beautiful outdoor areas seemed rather unused by the locals. So, if you are in Indianapolis, grab an eagle creek park map and explore this hidden treasure. 

Here is the film on this trek -

Indiana State Fair

On the 5th of August, a day after I landed in the US, KC, Avinash and I spent the first half of the day shopping at the factory outlet mall in Edinburgh. There are always some clearance sales that attracts many visitors here. I obviously had a great time shopping. 

In the afternoon, we drove to the Indiana state fair. Jin joined us there. We did not find parking, so we had to park on back alley for $10. 

The state fair was fun. We stopped to watch the cows from various farms on around the state. It was nice to see how nicely the animals were maintained.

There were a lot of other activities happening there - a pole vault game, a tap dance show by old women, an impressive exhibition of local art, fun rides and a music concert dedicated to the eagles. Lot of street food too. I tried some funnel cake. It was a lively atmosphere out there. 

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Broad Ripple, Indianapolis

Sorry for disappearing for a while without notice. I just returned from a two week long work related travel to the US and Mexico. 

Every time that I visit the US, I always have a theme. Like, one time it was dedicated to food, the next time to art, another time to meet friends and so on. This time, I went with no plans but like always, I found a theme. 

The day I landed, my colleagues Jin and Avinash had made plans to go party at Broad ripple. I willingly joined. I had visited Indy several time before, but this was my first time to Broad Ripple. It is a fun place to be, if you enjoy partying. The surrounding streets in this area are filled with pubs, bars and dance clubs. On Fridays, it typically gets crowded at around 11 PM but on Saturdays, it gets crowded very early. During that weekend and next, we tried a couple of places like - Kilroy’s, Red Room, Casba, Brothers and Landsharks. But, my favourite place of all is the Brothers. 

Brothers has a descent crowd, a nice bar, great ambience with sit outs  pool tables and a very nice dance floor and a even better DJ. All in all, we always found our way back to Brothers after trying other places. This place can get really crowded, so the employees at the gate can get a bit cranky at times. One evening, they let us in with our Indian DL and on another they requested for a passport. But despite all that, this place is by far the most happening place in Broad ripple. 

Anywhere I went to during this trip, the song Despacito kept following me. It was playing in every bar at Broad Ripple and Downtown, it was being sung by a young singer at a Mexican restaurant in San Diego Old Town and was playing on the FM channels around Ensenada, Mexico. I really enjoy listening to this song like everyone else who go crazy when the song begins to play. 

At Broad ripple, the night ends very late, at 3 AM. Few drunkards may begin a fight so, it is definitely the time to wind up the party and drive back safely. 

Of all the places, Casba is my least favourite. It is a tiny place at basement. Thus is very cramped and without proper ventilation. 

One evening, we did go to the Brothers in Downtown. The place is upscale and far more crowded than the one in Broad Ripple. But somehow for me, Broad Ripple seems to be appropriately crowded.