Sunday, December 15, 2013


The process of painting is beautiful. I really like how my mind is constantly thinking of the painting until it is complete. There's always some debate or discussion going on in my head during this time. As mentioned earlier, our team was spinning off from our parent company and forming a new organisation. While parting, I was leaving back a few good friends I had at work. Amongst them, is Chandra, whom I have known for a long time. Our common interests and a similar sense of humour connects us almost immediately in spite of the long gaps between our reunions. So I did want to give him something special. Since he loves painting, adores Ganesha and is a passionate dancer, I choose this sketch of a dancing Ganesha created by my Guru.

 Sketching seems to be the easiest task for me. In half an hour I had my draft. 

Once the sketch was done, I began debating on what colours I should be using and how I could include some of my own changes to this sketch. As always my favourite colour scheme took the front stage. But I wanted to decide its placing on the sketch. One thing I have noticed is that a light background converges attention to a darker central subject. After giving it a thought my three main colours were decided. 

I had to use a blend for the background as using a plain colour would have made it less creative. And while blending, I realised how a round brush can blend colours much better than a flat brush that always leaves back rough strokes.

Next big task is to give this colours some shade, some effect of light; which happens to be my favourite part - The detailing.  Shading the colours to form features is something that no artist would ignore. 

Finally the minute details such as the eyes, the ornaments, the folds, intricate designs. This is where I really get stressed. The more I observe the more I could detail it and at a point, I simply have to give up and say - "I am done" because this is one process that never seems to end with a satisfaction. There is always something that could have been improved. 

So with around a total of 8 hours spread across in 3 days, I completed this work for a good friend. 

The name "Natya" was almost obvious!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Flora @ Surathkal

So as I mentioned in my previous post, I tried to relax a full day (Nov3rd) at home clicking pictures and eating good food. These are the impressions.

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Sodhe Mutt, Sirsi, Banavasi

On the 1st of November when Preethi and I reached home it was 10:00 AM instead of 5:00 AM. Heavy traffic delayed the bus to start, severe traffic jam further slowed our journey and then the tyres got punctured in the western ghats. So i think murphy was somewhere in the vicinity.

ANyways, after a quick breakfast and freshening up Appa, Amma, Preethi and I left in Sadiq's vehicle. It was nice to catch up with Mangalore updates like whats happening in the family, with relatives, neighbours and friends. With only one quick stop at Byndoor for lunch in a local hotel we reached Sodhe mutt at around 5:00 PM. 

My parents love coming here and my mother always wanted me to come here and visit the Banvasi temple. So finally i almost immediately agreed to her proposal when we discussed the trip during Diwali. Sodhe mutt is located in north canara. 28 kms from Sirsi. Its one of the 8 mutts for Madhva brahmins. The place is located in midst the forest and only recently have they developed it a little by having paved roads and a big guest house, which i felt would only ruin the serene atmosphere at this place by attracting tourists who come in search of comfort. 

After freshening up we visited the temple. At 7:00 PM there is a special pooja to some spirit. Being less interested in that, i choose to click some pictures.

Soon after the pooja, devotees were served dinner after which there was nothing else to do but sleep. With cool breeze through the window and only a mat it was one of the best sleep after years.

Next morning we got up early and by 8 had delicious breakfast at the Brahmin mess near by. Home made idly and dosa was brilliant. We left around 8:30 AM to Sirsi where we visited the Marikambha temple. I loved the murals and the very attractive idol of the goddess. 

Next stop - Banavasi temple from Kadamba dynasty. Some interesting architecture to observe.

We stopped at Sirsi to try some delicacy such as Sihi avalakki, Dahi vada, Mangalore Bun etc. We thought of going to Murudeshwara but the temple was closed and it was extremely crowded so instead we stopped at Edgunji cross to try some Mosar avalakki. 

Sadiq wanted us to see this new discovery. A beautiful location called Vathinane near Byndoor, which is under forest range. They have some cottages and from top of the hill the beach looks beautiful. One could stay overnight with prior permission. 

On our way we stopped at Saligrama to visit the temple (Family god). While in Saligrama, I had to visit my aunt. They were busy packing as after 7 years of stay in South canara, they were planning to return back to Bangalore.

After two days of good travel and family time, I enjoyed the last stay staying home and clicking some pictures and reading books.