Sunday, September 25, 2016

Ganesha Festival, Bangalore

For the last three years, I have been traveling to Mumbai for Ganesha festival. This year, I decided to head there during Dashera. I missed the excitement and celebration that happens in Mumbai during this particular festival. As compared to that, Bangalore was rather dull. Nevertheless, I got to get around the town to see people excited about bringing home their most adored God. I went to RV road to capture some beautiful idols of my favourite God. 

Gandhi Bazaar was full of road side stalls selling Banana plants, flowers and sugar cane. It was very lively there.

Preethi cooked some delicious food that we ate after offering to Lord Ganesha.

In the evening, I went to Yediyur lake to witness the visarjan but it was so crowded that I could not see anything in detail. 

I also visited the most famous Ganesh Utsav that happens every year in Basavangudi (Where I live). The "Pendal" was very impressive; somewhat in line with those in Mumbai. 

Saturday, September 03, 2016

Bananthimari Betta Trek

A week ago, My colleague, Sharath and I discussed trekking during the long weekend. Bananthimari aka Maribetta aka Karadibetta was almost immediately decided for September 3rd. As the day approached, we were joined by 10 other people. 

Last evening, I had a tough time finding a descent blog that could direct us properly up to the summit. Several of them had gone lost while trekking here and others seem to have taken a different route along with some established trek groups. So, with an open mind to explore, I set off on the journey today. I had decided that if at all we make it to the top, I would try to provide detailed direction for future independent trekkers.

All of us gathered near Kanakapura NICE road junction and proceeded towards Kanankapura. At Kanakapura, we stopped at the famous but crowded, Vasu hotel. Apparently Masala dosa is very famous here but at 6:30AM, they were not yet ready. So we settled in for Idly. 

I found a group of elders outside the restaurant, who guided me with some directions to the hill. However, they suggested that I keep checking with locals regularly so that we don't miss the route. Apparently there are multiple ways to get to the different sides of the hill. Also, the hill can be viewed on the right as you enter Kanakapura while driving from Bangalore. There is one closest route to the base, via  Kanakapura-Ramanagara route that is listed in google maps. If you take this route, you might have to walk through the valley to get to the trail that starts from the temple. We took the temple route.

Directions From Kanakapura to Bananthimari Temple - 

Take the Kanakapura-Malavalli route (Or sometimes called Sathanuru route). After taking that left deviation at the Y junction in the town, a few kilometres ahead, you would find a small lake on your right. Well, actually you might not find it there as they are filling it up to perhaps construct concrete structures. So follow the google maps or take the right turn near a public school on the same road. 

Keep driving for about 6 kms to view the temple arch on your right. Locals would guide you towards the temple in case of doubt. The road through the arch takes you into a village and you may find sign boards all through, but if you miss them, ask a local who will direct you to the temple. 

The roads get really bad as we approach the temple. We had to park our cars at about half a kilometre before the temple. Bikes can manage to ride upto the temple.

Directions From the Temple to Maribetta Summit - 

As you climb up and reach a flat region, you will find the temple on your left. 

On your right is a trail that actually connects the valley to the temple. Take that trail. 

A few distance on this wide trail, you shall see a small pond on your right. On one of the rocks is a tiny shrine for Nandi.

Just after you cross the pond, on your right, on a small rock, you shall see a red arrow mark pointing leftward. This can be easily missed, so pay attention.

If you miss the arrow you shall reach a huge tree at the base of which you shall see some "trishul" and pooja material left by the devotees. If you get there then just return back to find the arrow.

So, as soon as you cross the pond, on a small rock, you shall find a red arrow pointing leftwards. This arrow leads you up into a forest and you shall soon see another red arrow mark on a rock above. And then on, just follow the markings. They become red dots at times, sometimes turn green in colour and at times they hide in locations barely visible. But once you are on this track, I think you are good to go. You can find some way or the other uphill. 

Our Story - 

We assembled at the temple at around 8:00 AM and took the trail. Based on one of the blogs, we headed towards the route that we assumed to be the trail. But that blog was misleading and it took us to a small hill on the right side of Maribetta. But we realised it very soon and returned back to the tree (Mentioned earlier). It was very clear, observing the hill that we could only climb it from the back side. That is, from the side of the temple. All other sides are just huge rocks. We explored some route near the tree but had no luck. We decided to head back to the temple and see if there were any other trails leading us towards the back of the hill and as we reached the pond, we saw this red arrow mark. That was a relief. 

Once we were on the trail, the trek seemed extremely easy. The initial climb is very steep and first time trekkers may find it difficult. But for regular trekkers, this is a easy or a moderate trek. As you gain height, the trail gets simpler and you walk towards the pointed end of the Maribetta.

The hill was filled with beautiful wild flowers and the surrounding was very green, which made this a very pleasant climb. It took us less than an hour to get to the summit.  At the summit, we relaxed for about close to an hour. There are a few cave formations on the hill that could be explored. 

We began our journey back at around 10:45 AM. The return to the base was even more quicker. We arrived at this small cave on our way back.

Back at the village, the locals were busy setting the Cocoon stands (Chandrike) or working in the fields. It was a pleasant morning. 

At Kanakpura, we again stopped at Vasu Hotel and had no luck with Masala dosa. So, we deicded to head back to Bangalore and have lunch at A2B. The town was getting ready for the Ganesha Festival and Ganesha Idols were on display all along.

This was a very short but thrilling trek. I am very glad that we spotted the red markings on time, else it could have been extremely challenging to find a way up the hill. The view was formidable with green surroundings and beautiful blooms, the weather was perfect with sun hiding behind the clouds all the time and most importantly, the group was enthusiastic. 

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Starry Night

Creativity always pulls me out of the mundane and all those not so pleasant thoughts from the different roles that we play to sustain. Every art that I create, every writing that emerges out of my thoughts, makes me feel happy about myself. And it reminds me of that beautiful person I can be; a personality that is always suppressed by a hypocritical and malicious society. Solitude enlightens you! Art enhances your internal beauty!  Thus over the years, it has become very important for me to embrace art to the fullest extent, not only to reach contentment but also to leave behind the type of society I have to deal with every day. The month of July was filled with such creativity. 

It began with my Spanish class assignment. I decided to get a little creative with my final assignment for A2 level. I had to make a portfolio mainly involving the imperfect tense telling what I used to do when I was 10 years old. Here is what came up. 

This gave me an idea to sketch the characters from the Greek mythology I was reading at the moment. I picked Hermes first for his interesting innovation.

I have always been thinking about how I could transform myself if I put my hundred percent attention into my interests. And often, with the kind of roles we play, it seems impossible to attain that. As I could not give myself fully to art, traveling, writing or any other of my interests. But it was while doing this assignment that I realised that I was completely wrong. 

With the given setup I find myself in, I did not have to give my cent percent to the interest but I had to do the same to that creation I am working on, at a given time. While I am painting, the focus must be the painting and not art as a whole. Eventually a pattern developed. Ideas boosted in my mind. 

A white gel pen and a book with black sheets did wonders and a theme of Starry nights emerged out of my complete involvement into my creation and not the interest as a whole. 

And who knows, this might not even be cent percent. As I realise my cycle of interests, I know that I shall be switching focus to a next one soon after having created some art. So I prepare myself to give my maximum to that side too. Days are thriving with positivity and creativity. As far as the hypocrisy of the society goes, my creativity has made me self involved to ignore them at times and has made me strong enough to challenge them when required. 

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Cats! Chats! Gatos!

Well, after our dear dog Tomy died, I have always wanted to have another one as pet. But in our busy city lives, the dogs only become a watchman's companion more than the owner's. So the idea of having a dog was always procrastinated. Until, one day, my cousins sister messaged me a picture of her cat and it's four sweet little kittens. We were downed by the idea of borrowing two of them. One weekend, we drove to the other side of Bangalore just to bring back these two lovely kittens. For a week, my niece was at home so she looked after their diet when we were off and later they just got adjusted to our routine. Mainly because they are a pair, they kept themselves engaged in their games.

Adorable little black and white coloured cat was named Happy to begin with but it is now called Gundu. It is more of a dog than a cat, very affectionate towards us and extremely disciplined. He is always following his sister in the pranks rather than taking the initiative.  Well, the white one, is a prankster. She is always curious and continuously exploring. She that makes her a monkey! So we have a dog and a monkey at home.

In pictures, I display the funny moments during their three months in our house. See them grow, see them in action, watch them caught between their pranks or a nap!