Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek Day 04

CONTINUED FROM -  Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek Day 03 Day 03 - 14-Oct-2021 Route - Gairoli Pathal to Wan Village Distance - 12 KM Morning, when I woke up, I noticed that there was one more single occupancy tent next to ours. A young man was recording a video for his vlog. As we got introduced, I learnt that he had ridden his scooter to Wan village and trekked to Gairoli Pathal. He had reached late last night and therefore, we had not met him then. He was super enthusiastic and hyperactive. He had carried it all with him - A tent, a stove, oats, a pressure cooker, rice and Dhal, apart from other essentials. He wanted to go on the Roopkund trail and return in a day. Though difficult, it is not impossible. He cooked some oats for breakfast and kichdi for lunch and packed his bag to begin his long trek. Some of us offered him energy bars and chocolates for the journey. 

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