Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Being on a break is wonderful; just wanting to stop all the monotonous and just think of none. During my break from Blog world, I watched several movies, bought a new mini lathe for wood crafting, posted on facebook, met relatives and friends; but most enjoyable of all, I spent most of the time gardening and it gave me the best relaxation I could have ever asked. Gardening becomes an addiction; as you see the plants flower, you want to add one more to the group and then one more and so on. Apart from some flowering plants, I started growing some vegetables – Tomato, green chilies, coriander and Basale (Malabar spinach). Now if these are a success I am going to be a full time farmer at my house I guess. :-)


I have heard that one’s life should be like flow of a river or wind; it should never stop at a point. But if one needs to keep flowing, one always tends to be more selfish and once in a while takes a pause. Pause makes one more and more rooted; rooted to thoughts that circle around a tree imagining that one is holding the time still, but the time never stops, it keeps moving and one realizes that only thing that was stagnant was him alone. And so one moves on again to follow the path but every attractive place has a stop sign that one does not want to ignore. The challenge is to overcome those attachments towards smallest of smallest things or habits that we tend to build along the path; habits that root us more and more to the ground. It’s not the lack of wings but the roots that stop us from flying.

I am beginning to understand clearly the importance of all my hobbies in my life. I know they save me from being rooted into something that stops my river or wind like flow. It allows me to think less about people and what they say or do, and takes me towards something more satisfying; something that my soul enjoys and cherishes. I realize that being selfish; not in a way to be demanding and self centric but in a way to spend some time with self is definitely a good thing.

Because when people have failed me, it is these hobbies that bring me closer to my soul and shuts everything and everyone else away. So no; I am not having hobbies so that I can do something creative, something so satisfying that it can be called a master piece by someone or nor am I making deliberate effort to cash on them, but instead they are my gateway to freedom, where I can fly with unseen wings towards a horizon that contains no boundary.

This piece of write-up gave me the exact same pleasure and has taken me away from everything or everyone I know and along with it the sadness related to it or them.