Sunday, August 02, 2009

Update & Most Required Break!

Last weekend I was in Mangalore; planted 2 neem trees in the courtyard; celebrated Nagara Panchami festival at home and ancestral house; met a friend and went to the beach; got a scrap book made by a local book binder. The assignments I am taking up are a little too overloading…a scrap book, painting, gardening, writing, reading, movies, photgraphy and blogs all at a same time, not to mention the increasing work load at office.

Well, I think I deserve a break now from blogs; a short one of course; have been writing a lot….for a new office magazine, hotel reviews, book reviews and blogs. I am a little stressed out with the amount of work I am doing in what seems to be squeezed out time. A break from the blog world for a few weeks has been noticed by me, a must. So I sign off for now, promising to return soon. When? Know not I.