Saturday, August 13, 2016

Starry Night

Creativity always pulls me out of the mundane and all those not so pleasant thoughts from the different roles that we play to sustain. Every art that I create, every writing that emerges out of my thoughts, makes me feel happy about myself. And it reminds me of that beautiful person I can be; a personality that is always suppressed by a hypocritical and malicious society. Solitude enlightens you! Art enhances your internal beauty!  Thus over the years, it has become very important for me to embrace art to the fullest extent, not only to reach contentment but also to leave behind the type of society I have to deal with every day. The month of July was filled with such creativity. 

It began with my Spanish class assignment. I decided to get a little creative with my final assignment for A2 level. I had to make a portfolio mainly involving the imperfect tense telling what I used to do when I was 10 years old. Here is what came up. 

This gave me an idea to sketch the characters from the Greek mythology I was reading at the moment. I picked Hermes first for his interesting innovation.

I have always been thinking about how I could transform myself if I put my hundred percent attention into my interests. And often, with the kind of roles we play, it seems impossible to attain that. As I could not give myself fully to art, traveling, writing or any other of my interests. But it was while doing this assignment that I realised that I was completely wrong. 

With the given setup I find myself in, I did not have to give my cent percent to the interest but I had to do the same to that creation I am working on, at a given time. While I am painting, the focus must be the painting and not art as a whole. Eventually a pattern developed. Ideas boosted in my mind. 

A white gel pen and a book with black sheets did wonders and a theme of Starry nights emerged out of my complete involvement into my creation and not the interest as a whole. 

And who knows, this might not even be cent percent. As I realise my cycle of interests, I know that I shall be switching focus to a next one soon after having created some art. So I prepare myself to give my maximum to that side too. Days are thriving with positivity and creativity. As far as the hypocrisy of the society goes, my creativity has made me self involved to ignore them at times and has made me strong enough to challenge them when required. 

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Cats! Chats! Gatos!

Well, after our dear dog Tomy died, I have always wanted to have another one as pet. But in our busy city lives, the dogs only become a watchman's companion more than the owner's. So the idea of having a dog was always procrastinated. Until, one day, my cousins sister messaged me a picture of her cat and it's four sweet little kittens. We were downed by the idea of borrowing two of them. One weekend, we drove to the other side of Bangalore just to bring back these two lovely kittens. For a week, my niece was at home so she looked after their diet when we were off and later they just got adjusted to our routine. Mainly because they are a pair, they kept themselves engaged in their games.

Adorable little black and white coloured cat was named Happy to begin with but it is now called Gundu. It is more of a dog than a cat, very affectionate towards us and extremely disciplined. He is always following his sister in the pranks rather than taking the initiative.  Well, the white one, is a prankster. She is always curious and continuously exploring. She that makes her a monkey! So we have a dog and a monkey at home.

In pictures, I display the funny moments during their three months in our house. See them grow, see them in action, watch them caught between their pranks or a nap!

Monday, August 01, 2016

So Far!

It’s been a busy month. During the month of June, I mostly prepared for my A2 level Spanish exam. The classes were interesting too as all of us (7 students) bonded well. We brought food to share and chatted non-stop on every topic under the sky. Eventually, my Spanish improved and the confusion between the French and Spanish pronunciation slowly seems to have disappeared. I look forward to my B1 level classes starting next weekend.

My niece and nephew both were in Bangalore and we watched a lot of movies. I particularly liked the Kannada movies - U turn and Godhi Banna Sadarna Maykattu. I also watched the movie Thithi which was a good film but extremely raw. I loved Alia Bhatt's and Shahid Kapoor's performances in Udta Punjab.

Moreover, thanks to my Kindle, I can now read whenever I have some time. I finished reading "True Story" which is very interesting. Next, I read a lot of fascinating stories on Greek mythology and now I am reading "The Mahabaratha". The longest series comprising of 18 books! It will take me a while to complete this but it is super exciting and interesting. Kindle has truly made reading easy for me and I read much more than I used to. 

I also had to visit my site in Malur to get some documentation done. Being on the piece of land solely owned by me, gave me a lot of pleasure. 

On 22nd July, I drove to Mangalore. Left Bangalore at around 3:15 PM and reached Suratkal at around 10:45PM. That weekend, it rained heavily in Mangalore. Mission accomplished! as I had traveled particularly to witness the Monsoon showers. A weekend was well spent talking to my parents, eating the delicious food prepared by mother, planting some saplings in the farm and eating some tasty jackfruits from our garden after a long time. Nostalgia as usual was at the peak, at  all times.

Sadly, my favourite French teacher, Aisha mam passed away. She had been suffering from an incurable illness from past two years and had cut all contacts with Alliance and with the people she knew. There was no way to contact her during her illness. Which is sad. She will always remain special to me. She not only motivated me to continue with French but was also my role model as a teacher with infectious enthusiasm, unconditional compassion and child-like curiosity. Whenever she would walk into the room, she would lit up the class with a lot of excitement. I was fortunate, not only to have her as my teacher but also as a classmate in our Workshop on Contemporary art. We did a project together on Land art that shall now remain as a memory to cherish. In her voice, one can notice her passion for Art, French and Teaching. Rest in Peace, Aisha Mam. 

Le Land Art Finale from AJEYA on Vimeo.