Kedarkantha Trek Day 01

CONTINUED FROM  -  Dehradun To Sankri Day 01 - 27-Dec-2021 Route - Sankri Village to Juda Ka Talab Distance - 5 KM (4/5h) I woke up at around 7AM. Outside, the mountains were partially covered in snow. I had my morning tea and got ready for the journey ahead. We were beginning our trek! My previous trek to Ali-Bedni Bugyal was amazing. I was so impressed by the trek that I wanted to return back to the Himalayas. This is exactly what I always feared. I knew that once I begin my treks in the Himalayas, there was no stopping.  When school closed for Christmas vacation, I decided to head up north again. I chose the trekking organisation Himalaya trekkers  (HT) again because I had had a great experience with them last time.  HT coordinates with the team and guides from a remote location. At the base village, we meet up with the local experts who guide us on the trek. This makes the trek even more exciting as the local guides know the terrain and the area much better. They are also

Dehradun To Sankri


Gadaikallu aka Jamalabad Fort Trek

Karinjeshwara and Venur

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