The Citadel | Amman

CONTINUED FROM HERE: Amman Trail Backpacking Jordan: Day 003 (17-April-2024) The Citadel As always, I was the first one to wake up in the hostel. When I stepped out to the terrace with my cup of tea, Simbi was waiting to be cuddled.  I got ready and left the hostel at around 8AM. On my way to the Citadel, which is located on a small hill, right behind the hostel, I came across a small canteen that serves perhaps the most authentic falafel wraps in town. The old man at the counter welcomed me with a broad smile and asked me what I would like to have. Since he was able to speak descent English, he advised the servers to make a wrap for me. The wrap cost me .30JD - the least I have ever paid for a falafel wrap. So, that is the real price. 

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