Baralikaadu | Senjerimalai | Coimbatore

Two weeks ago, I made a 4-day trip to Kovai(Coimbatore) as both my wife and I were free. My in-laws were happy because it has been years since we had visited them together, and the reason for that being our cats. We obviously cannot leave them unattended. Now that my niece is living with us, it is possible to occasionaly step out for a few days while the cats are well taken care of. So, in case, you are planning to have cats as pets, ensure to consider this point. Anyways, On Saturday, the 23rd of April, we left Bangalore at around 3pm. We made one quick food stop at Anand Bhavan Delight near Salem. I had discovered this place during our recent trip to Kumbakonam and had loved the food there. We reached home by 10:30PM.  My mother-in-law, known for her amazing culinary skills, had prepared some tasty pardi payasa . The paradis (tiny steamed rice wafers) were uniform in shape and had blended well with the rich coconut milk and jaggery mixture. A perfect touch of cardamom and ghee enhan

Markonahalli Dam

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