Poombarai - Day 01

Continued Form Here: Kodaikanal   13 th   January 2024 The bus to Poombarai was terribly crowded. There was no room to stand, let alone sit. Plenty of tourists and villagers had cramped into the metal box on wheels. I found some space but struggled to balance. On the footboard was a woman traveller from the West. The conductor scolded a few of us for carrying our bags. He asked us to give it to the people sitting. The bus took the winding road around the hills. In some places, it stopped due to traffic jams. I could hardly see outside the window. After about an hour and a half, we stopped at Poombarai. Many tourists got off here. 


Skandagiri aka Kalavara Betta

Krishnagiri Fort

Parvathamalai Sunrise

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