Surathkal During Dasara

Preethi and I traveled to by hometown during the first week of October. We spent the last few days of Dasara there. Along with my parents, we did a temple run and visited a few famous temples nearby - Saligrama, Anne Gudde and others that were on the way. 

In the evenings, I visited the Marigudi temples near my house where Yakshagana is performed on all ten days. This is an absolute must when I visit home during Dasara. It brings back so many childhood memories. 

We also visited my aunt's house in Mangalore and met my cousins after a long time. We went to Kudroli temple which has popularised Mangalore Dasara. 

After a good trip, we returned back to Bangalore. My cousin Arjun and his wife Rashmi joined us on our way back. 

I took the Bisle ghat route this time and we came across some idyllic locations on the way. The weather was amazing and the drive enjoyable. 

I also made two quick stops. We first visited the twin temples (Nageshwara and Channakeshava) of Mosale.

And then, on our way back, we stopped also at Shettihali Rosary church. The church was completely submerged in water.