Nageshvara & Chennakeshava Temple, Mosale

While driving to Surathkal this time, I decided to take a deviation to visit a few places along the way. 

Mosale (10km from Hassan) - The twin temples of Nageshvara and Chennakeshava is an elegant example of Hoysala architecture of 12th Century.  Most of the structure is intact except for the idols on the outside which are worn out. It is currently being well maintained. The villagers came to the temple and explained to me and the only other visitor, the details about the temples. I could spend hours viewing these intricately designed sculptors. 

Shettihali Rosary Church - A church (Gothic Architecture) built by French missionaries in the 1860s is now now submerged in the Hemavathi dam backwaters. I often visit this place during different seasons. Here are the links to the posts from my previous visits -
May 2011 Here  & August 2011 Here 

I took an interior route from Shettihalli to Sakleshpura. I could have taken the Bisale ghat to reach South Canara but since it takes slightly longer, I chose to take the usual Shiradi ghat.