At Surathkal

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The next day, 11th, we had to go to a Balaram temple at Vadabandeshwara, close to Malpe where the 10th day death rites for Preethi’s grandmother was to be conducted. The 10th day involves a purification process and involves the immediate family and everyone present taking a dip by a river or pond where the rite is performed. 

Tipu followed me here too. The relatives gathered discussed how insane idea it was to give Tipu Sultan that high regard and create a controversial situation. Comment from a so called secular Author/Playwright Girish Karnad who said that Tipu is a freedom fighter and that Bangalore airport should be named after him instead of the current name belonging to the founder of the city, was denounced. Pseudo intellectuals with their double standards were critiqued. The discussion appeared in some of the whatsapp groups as well and I realised that this topic was spreading widely. 

Leaving Tipu and his situation to rest, we returned home after the rituals. I followed a visitor in our garden that afternoon. 

In the evening Akki, Preethi and I took a walk to the beach; visited a few relatives house and ended the day peacefully. 

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