Markonahalli Dam

While driving back from Vellore one evening, we (me, my wife and my niece) decided to visit Kirshnagiri Dam. While trying to find a viewpoint, I chanced upon a wonderful location. The mud road I was taking ended at a farm land that had a pathway leading upto the dam backwaters. On our left was a small rock hill with an under-construction temple at its summit. There was no one around and it was extremely peaceful out there. We visited the place again, almost a year later and felt the same way. Since then I have had an urge to discover more such beautiful lakes around Bangalore - preferably not more than 2 hours of drive from home. That way, this can easily become a half day post-lunch outing on a Sunday. While driving back from Nagamangala last December, again we (the same trio) came across another such place - Markonhalli dam. I had decided to return there again to view the sunset. 

On Sunday, the 17th of March 2024, when Deeksha, my niece, came back from the university at around 3:30PM, we began our journey towards Yadiyur / Yediyur (100km from Bangalore). The drive is along the Mangalore-Bangalore highway and is mostly stress free. At Paakashala restaurant at Koppa, just before Yadiyur town, take a left deviation towards Markonahalli dam. The dam is located 7km from that junction at the highway. 

You can walk up to the dam and the caretakers offer to show you around and take you down to the turbine for a small tip. You can also relax at the park below the dam. 

However, we enjoy driving slightly ahead on the road and find a spot to relax by the lake. We have identified a few beautiful places to stop at. Apart from some young boys fishing at a distance, there was no one out there. We sat there for more than an hour and watched the sun go down. Flocks of migratory birds flew over our heads and the frogs croaked. Cloud and sky colour changed with the setting sun and the lake below reflected them like a mirror. 

On our way back, we stopped at Paakashala restaurant. This is the only outlet of this restaurant chain that serves Aapam, Paddu and Neeru dosa. We enjoyed those three dishes before heading back home. 

We spent a quiet and peaceful evening by the lake. I am now eager to discover more such locations to chase sunsets.

My Video on Markonahalli Dam Backwaters: