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In April, I found myself a part time job as a French teacher at a school. My school was to reopen only by the end of the month, therefore, I headed to Surathkal for a week long vacation. It was a much needed break. During my stay there, I relaxed, ate good food prepared by my mom, cooked for my parents, learnt to make pickle the traditional way, got some wood slices from a mill for painting, plucked Bilimbi from the tree and sun dried them for later use. It was indeed a productive week.

I also caught up with my childhood friend Vasanth and we drove to the Blue flag beach in Padubidiri. It is a privately maintained with some basic attractions. It is a pity that we have to privatise a beach to keep it clean. 

Naresh, an ex-colleugue and I drove one night to Neere Garadi to watch Bhoota kola. We had a friend of Naresh guiding us through the process. It was an interesting experience. We also encountered some local dispute during the event. It was interesting to watch some of the rites and rituals that I had not witnessed so closely before. Here are some of the images from that eventful night. I also got to see the prominent display of caste system in this ritual. Over years, my perspective of this ritual has changed and I now appreciate it only for its artistic nature - The makeup, the dance and the music. These pictures are only to promote the same and not to glorify superstition, that I myself do not subscribe to. 

While I was in Mangalore, the Covid cases were already increasing and why not, there were large gatherings almost everywhere. When I returned back to Bangalore, the situation got worse. Country went through one of the worst phases of the pandemic. All the claims of having defeated corona virus faded away with the news of lack of beds at hospital, lack of oxygen or ventilators. The second wave hit us badly and we too suffered the blow. Some of the relatives and friends passed away, we were infected too but luckily with mild symptoms. Mostly Ayurvedic medicines and paracetamol helped us recover quickly. 

My school began by the end of April. To be honest, teaching at a school, is one of the best things that has happened to me. I find genuine happiness in my interaction with the kids of 9th and 10th grade. I also conducted a few events for lower classes and it was filled with enthusiasm and elevated my energy level. I don’t think the happiness of being with energetic kids, receiving their unconditional love and experiencing their non-judgmental attitude can be matched with anything else. It is a unique experience. And to be around this positivity all through the year is a satisfying experience that words fail to explain. 

In May, when the lockdown was finally lifted, we visited Mysore to meet my sister and niece who have recently moved there. During that visit, we drove to Nanjanagudu temple and had some good food. 

Back at home, the cats have been keeping us engaged. There is never a dull moment with them around. 

I also took some special interest in gardening and ensured to add a few new plants to my small garden. 

I also made this terrarium with the moss and plants growing around my house. It was a creatively satisfying experience. 

August was an eventful month. I made sure to catch up with all my good friends. My friend, Mir and I often go for a walk as he lives close by. I also met others for lunch or coffee. It was a much needed break - to take a pause and discuss life. 

I also got some chance to paint. I began again after a long time. I found my inspiration in a picture taken at the citadel of Carcassonne. I chose one of my tea soaked/baked papers as background to give it an antique look. 

One of my friend's wife wanted to surprise him with a painting of mine. She requested that I paint something on the cover of a journal she wanted to gift him. Being in the zone (of painting) already at that time, I readily agreed. Here is what I made for her, or rather him. 

I also met a young enthusiastic Couchsurfer from Bhopal and we rode around the city to explore the local cuisine and some monuments like Bull temple and Bangalore palace. 

His energy and passion to travel reminded me of the younger me. Two years of confinement had turned me lazy and dull. This experience revitalised my passion for travel. 

So, here I am, ready to welcome September with zeal. This year already seems so long, as if several years have passed. I can’t wait to experience the rest of it with enthusiasm and high energy. Hopefully this is the end of the pandemic. I wish we can very soon get back to our dear old normalcy. 


  1. Other than this pandemic, I am glad you had a great and enjoyable vacation. Also, thanks for sharing a few of your photos. When you wrote "ready to welcome September", I immediately thought of a movie tilted "Come September" starring Rock Hudson and Gina Lollobrigida. This was 100% copied into a movie in several Indian languages. I remember only the Tamil version "Anbe Vaa" starring MGRamachandran and Saroja Devi.

    1. Thank you. Interesting haven't heard of the film, will check it out.


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