Krishnagiri Dam Backwaters

On our way back from Vellore, we decided to go to Krishnagiri dam. This turned out to be the best experience of the day.

While we were searching the route to get to the backwaters, we were directed by the villagers to a wonderful viewpoint. You can type "Krishnagiri dam" on google maps and you shall see directions to this spot. Its mentioned as "Dam viewpoint". The road will pass through narrow streets of a village, so be patient.

As you approach the view point you can choose to take the left deviation and climb up the rock to view the sunset. There is a newly built temple on this rock. 

The viewpoint overlooks the lush fields and tranquil lake. Most people stick around Krishnagiri dam. This place is unknown to tourists therefore it is a great place to peacefully watch the sunset. This was the jewel in the crown; the best part of the day trip. 


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