Taking a Break from Covid

During Dashara, I travelled to Surathkal. My sister and niece came down from Mumbai and therefore it was sort of a family get together. Dashara is a great time to be in Mangalore. The weather is pleasant and the place is lively with celebrations during the ten days of festival. 

On all 9 nights of Navarathri, two of the temples near my house have been hosting Yakshagana performances since ages. The tradition continues irrespective of Covid situation. My sister and I attended a few of them. This time of the year reminds me of my childhood. Every night, I would go to watch Yakshagana in these temples with my grandmother and cousins. This time, I got to see some great performances. 

I enjoyed my early morning jogs by the beach. I met an old friend and two marathon runners regularly. 

One of the days, we drove to Mangalore to visit our aunt and cousins. From there, we drove to Pollali temple and on our way, stopped at Kudupu Anantheshwara temple. Kudupu is famous for its serpent temple. Those who are believed to have Sarpa dosha/Naga dosha (As per astrology, this is a sort of curse, caused due to extreme rage or anger by serpent God) come here to worship the snake God. 

After spending a week in my hometown, my niece and I drove to Bangalore. It was a much needed break.Upon return, I gave my viva for the dissertation, thus formally concluding my exams for the Masters Degree.