Glad To Be Back

I was so glad to be back in Springs. It was like I had missed home. The day after we returned, Sundar and I caught up on the updates. He was at Colorado Springs all that time while we were off for a month.  As always, he had funny incidents to narrate about office and other things that had happened while we were away. 

Sundar and I went to Sai Mart and I had a good time chatting with Nagendra. We spoke for more than an hour. Sundar and I then went for a walk in Cotton wood creek park. 

The week that followed was eventful too. I had to catchup on work as well, after getting back to Springs. Shivanand (A colleague) and I planned a hike to Pikes peak on June 18th. I am super excited about it. Everyone else at office is surprised by the amount of traveling we are doing. 

On one of the days (June 6th), Sundar and I went on a long walk. We walked to a nearby Walgreens (3/4 mile) as I wanted to get some pictures printed. I just wanted to try a few and see how they come out before having the others printed. The print came out well so we walked back home to collect the other pictures (3/4 mile). The girl attending us told us that it might take a while when all the pictures get printed so, we decided to take another long walk. We walked to a Burger king which is about 2 miles from the Walgreens store. Had dinner there and then walked back home (Another 1.25 miles). It was a long walk of around 5 miles but was thoroughly enjoyed. I drove back to the Walgreens to collect the prints. I am quiet impressed with some of my photographs.

During my visits to our manufacturing plant, I met Subbiah who is getting married soon. I teased him about it and watched him blush at the mention of marriage. 

At office, my colleagues Judy and Bob suggested some of the places that I could visit while driving to Taos. I have been planning a drive to Taos and the great Sand Dunes.

At office, I have made a new friend. Jenn is a professor at a college in Boulder and during her summer break has joined our office as receptionist. She has studied Indian mythology and knows quiet a lot about our culture. We have great conversation about literature and Indian culture. I am certain that we would stay in touch due to the common interests that we share. 

Peggy and I also had lot to catch up with. She mentioned about her sick brother whom she was worried about. She also mentioned about the things that were worrying her at work. 

On Saturday, the 11th of June, we all decided to go to the Airforce academy. I woke everyone up early and asked them to get ready. It is such a pain to do that always. By the time we were ready to leave, Jonah wanted to watch a scene from the film Mask of Zorro, that was playing on television. He had already watched the movie several times but still wanted to watch this particular scene for like the nth time. I was pissed off and so took off alone. I drove to Sai Mart and then Taste of India and then returned after half an hour. Shocked by my behaviour, the others soon got ready and we drove to the airforce academy. I was shocked by my behaviour too. It was probably somewhere around this time that I began to openly expressing my disapproval, something I rarely did before. 

Unfortunately, the academy was closed at 1:30 PM. So, we decided to drive to Castle Rock where a factory outlet sells interesting goods. 

On our way to Castle Rock, we passed by exit 187. Months ago, Seb and my first trip to Denver had ended here when we had realised that we had not brought my driver’s licence. 

We then drove to Arora near Denver to have dinner at the woodlands restaurant.