A break is always good. One must always take some time off from their work, studies or their routine. A break does not necessarily mean a vacation in the mountains or by the sea (Sometimes, they can be more taxing). One could simply stay at home and allow the mind to decide the next set of actions rather than permitting a preset schedule or the obligations to define them. And thus, one could rest even while following the mundane daily routine. You know you have to go to work or college but you are not stressed about it and rather allow the time to decide the course of action. I think this is what it is, to live in the present. But instead, we tend to worry about the immutable past and the unpredictable & inevitable future. Anyways, my break as always was refreshing and now, when I look back, it has also been fruitful. 

When ever I could, I tried cooking a new dish, made soaps at home, read a few good books, caught up with friends, tried a few new restaurants and of course, enjoyed painting and gardening. 

Oh yes! I also bicycled to Pyramid valley along with a few friends.

My break also involved some quality family time. My sister and niece visited us and we drove to Mangalore to spend a long weekend, during Deepavali, with my parents.

I also traveled to Mysore for a day to attend an event in which my favourite author, S L Bhyrappa gave an inspiring talk on his latest novel. 

Hence a break for me is to stop thinking too hard about everything that we think matters and allow time to unravel the moments for us. This also helps us in ignoring things that distract us. Now, the beauty of this approach is that it isn’t temporary, but slowly, by integrating itself into your personality and your attitude towards life, it becomes a lifestyle. 

So, here I am, all refreshed; with new ideas and new stories!


  1. I landed on your blog, via the blogroll on SG's blog.
    I keep longing for a break from the monotonous daily schedule. We all need that periodic real-life equivalent of F5 on our laptops! Good to see you have had one. :-)
    My favourite engagements are reading some good books, listening to / watching some melodious songs, going on a long walk, cooking something. What I really enjoy and cherish is travelling and seeing new places, and knowing about them. But that doesn't happen all too often.

    1. Thanks for the visit Pradeep...Welcome to my blog!


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