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Backpacking Pondy - Day-02

I rented a scooter from Mr Senthil and decided to head towards Auroville. On the way, I stopped at the sacred hearts basilica.

While I was about to continue my journey, my friend Satadal called. He was in Pondy too and was working from home that entire week. We decided to meet at Hot Breads - a small bakery cum café. They make excellent baguettes and quiche. 

It was great catching up with Satadal in his hometown. He took me to the cottage industry outlet run by Aurobindo Ashram where I bought some organic soaps. We also took a walk to the industry and a small museum in the same building. Deciding to meet him in the evening again, I took off to Auroville.

Riding the scooter without sunglasses was difficult. So, I stopped at a store to buy one. The salesmen there was learned and very helpful. He explained to me the salient features of every sunglasses that I was trying and helped me decide on one. I bought one, thanked him and continued my journey. With the scooter at my disposal, I felt free. For some reason, I was reminded of my travels in Jaffna. 

I took a walk to view the Matrimandir. Next time, I would love to enter the meditation centre by booking in advance. I sat there for a while before returning to the main office. 

I had my lunch at a café near the main office and sat there for a while enjoying the view and the breeze. One of my good friends called telling me that he had made it to an university in Germany. It was a great news! Though it would be sad to see him go, I was extremely happy that his plans were materialising and his dreams were coming true. There is perhaps nothing happier than realising ones dreams, I reckon. 

Next, I rode to Serenity beach and sat there for a while before riding back to Pondy town. 

I met Satadal at around 7:30PM by the promenade. Satadal gave me a lot of information about the Ashram and Matrimandir. We chatted for a while about various topics and then headed to his house. I had a very interesting conversation with his dad. He had lot of information to share about Ashram and spirituality in general. I greatly enjoyed my discussions with him. Satadal’s mom had prepared some delicious food - Jackfruit and Potato curry was the highlight. 

At some point during the conversation, Satadal’s dad told me that I am a good boy. I did not understand so I asked him what he meant. He repeated it. By then, Satadal’s mother walked out of the kitchen and concurred with her husband. She said that there was something about my face that made them think so. I thanked them, not knowing how else to react. 

They also asked me to visit again and plan in advance so that I could visit the Matrimandir and they could get me a pass for the Ashram dining room. I was truly touched by their generosity. 

At around 11PM, I took a walk back to the hostel via Promenade and even at that time, the place was decently crowded. Seems like the locals enjoy the breeze until late in the night. 

I felt really great by the end of the day. It had been a wonderful day and I was all set to continue my journey the next day. 

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