I have made several trips to Kolar back in 2006 and 2007. However, While my parents were here (24-Feb), I decided to revisit some of my favourite places in the district. 

Our drive to Mulbagal was fun as we discussed in detail, some of the life and career decisions I have taken. At Mulbagal, we visited the Veeranjanaya temple. The idol is said to have been installed by Arjuna. 

We drove to Kurudmale next, which is about 13kms from Mulbagal. I love the standing Ganesha idol at this temple. Moreover, the village has a very friendly vibe to it. I noticed that not much has changed since my previous visit, about ten years ago. 

Very close to the Ganesha temple is the Someshwara temple said to have been built by the Cholas. We had an old priest explain to us some of the reasonings behind celebrating certain festivals. Some of them deviated form our own justifications. 

On our way to Avani, we stopped at a Veerupaksha Someshwara temple. However, the temple was closed so, we explored the exteriors a bit before heading towards Avani.

Avani, houses Panchaligeshwara temple where each shiva linga is said to have been installed by Lord Rama and his brothers. It is also believed that on the hill behind the temple was the Valmiki Ashram and it is there that Sita gave birth to her twins. During my previous visit, I had climbed the hill. 

We drove to Bangaru Thirupathi next where we had the lunch offered by the temple. There were also devotees serving food to people. 

Finally, we stopped at the Koti Lingeshwara temple. Well, this place is heavily commercial. I recollected how I had disliked my previous visit there but still wanted to my family to not give it a miss.

On our way back, we made a quick stop at the site I own in Malur. It was an interesting day and I truly enjoyed the family time. 

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