Garden and food

Upon return from my backpacking, I got involved with my garden that had begun yielding great results. A lot of tomatoes had grown. The tomato plants are like weeds for me. I had allowed one tomato plant to grow from the compost in every pot that also had a main plant in it. And now, they were all yielding completely organic fruits. The brinjal too was a good surprise. I harvested some Mangalore cucumbers as well. 

It was nice to see the garden bloom with flowers. Avare kallu is a new collection to my terrace garden. 

While jogging in Lalbagh, I was happy to see this art work on stone. I always feel that we do not encourage artists enough in our country while in countries like France.

During the last week of December, the office was almost empty. Everybody was on vacation when I had returned from one. Along with my colleagues, I tried two good restaurants with interesting cuisine. I love such experiments with food- 

Enerjuvate is a nice restaurant in Jayanagar and they also have a branch in Koramangala. They cook fresh to order and only use natural ingredients and none of their food is deep fried. They have interesting replacements for maize (Raagi or Zucchini Pasta and other replacements for pizza base). I loved every thing I had here. I would strongly recommend this place to anybody who is looking for some change in terms of the food they are eating and want to try something healthy. By the way, It is purely veg. I had seen a lot of such restaurants in Europe and thus I think the trend is picking up in India as well. 

I also liked the food and ambience at The Rouge Elephant in Basvangudi. They have some interesting collection of salads and soups; Specially the pumpkin soup and the salad with Feta cheese and figs. The vegetarian lasagna is delicious. I cannot speak for the non-vegetarian options but my friends told me that they were good as well.