Kadiri, Andrapradesh

It rained continuously the previous night. Thunder and lightening woke me up several times. At around 6:00 AM, as usual, I took a walk around the town of Jamalamadagu. I always enjoy my morning walks around a new town to observe how the place wakes up. It was still drizzling while I stepped out. I walked to Ventakeshwara swamy temple that was closed. So, I decided to walk to the Sai Bhaba temple. The temple was empty and thus peaceful. The priest offered me some prasada before I left.

We were ready by 8:00 AM to leave town. On our way, we had spotted some interesting places that we had decided to stop while returning. Our first stop was the Mosambi farm (Sweet Lime). But the previous day's rain had left the soil wet and soggy. When we stepped on to one of the farms to grab some fruits, our sandals sank into the sludge and we returned with our chappals and legs covered in wet mud. We tried to clean it with some rain water collected around there but that was not sufficient. So, we decided to head to the temple we had spotted on the way where we were sure to find some water to clean our foot. Anyway as goes a famous kannada saying - Kai Kesaru Adhare, Bayee Mosaroo (When hands get dirty, mouth tastes yogurt) we experienced the joy of Kaal Kesaru adhru Bayee Mosaroo (One can taste yogurt even when legs get dirty); the Mosambis were really very tasty and made that plunge into the sludge worth it. 

While driving from Kadiri to Jamalamadagu, you take a bypass road to skip the town of Pulivendula. On this bypass road, in the village of Yerragudipalle is a beautiful Ranganathaswamy temple built by the Vijayanagara empire. The temple was not very crowded and we got a good view of the Vishnu idol in the state of Ananthashayana

On our way, we stopped at a small shop to have some breakfast. The lady at the shop prepared some food specially for us. 

Our next stop was Namalagundu Temple of Kanampalli. It is again on the road to Kadiri and is a small temple next to a waterfall. A flight of stairs leads you to the temple on top of a small hill. 

While we traveled further towards Kadiri, we reached Battrepalli Water Falls near Kurli. It was crowded, but we decided to go there anyway. A 15 minutes walk into the forest takes you to the waterfall. It was amazing climbing up and standing beneath the mighty waterfall.

Our last stop was Lakshmee Narasimha swamy temple at Kadiri. It was very crowded so, we did not go in to the see the main diety. We bought some tasty prasadam and left.

After a quick lunch near the temple, we drove back to Bangalore. 

It was an interesting trip and Manohar was a great company to travel with. We had excellent  conversation as always about various topics and two days just flew by. As for as my travels in Andhra goes, I have always had the best of the experiences here and Rayalseema remains to be one of my favorite destinations. 

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