Mexican Food and More!

Well, I had so far eaten Mexican food only in the US and have always heard that it is different from what is found in Mexico. So, this was a great opportunity for me to try some local food. 

My favourite place of all is this small café that Pedro and I stopped at on our way to Tecate. Here, I got to eat Dulce de membrio (Ate) with wheat tortilla. Its a caramelised paste of a fruit called membrio. I liked it so much that, the same evening, I walked to the super market opposite my hotel and bought one pack to carry back home. 

When 25 of us partied at a Sushi bar (Nigori), I was the only vegetarian in the group. So, the Chef prepared some good veg varieties only for me. The best was this Veg sushi. It was delicious. 

One afternoon, I tried Mollete - Open sandwich. I also tried the Jamaica juice. Its a juice made of a flower. I tried a vegetable called  Jícama that is very juicy and eaten raw similar to Cucumbers. 

I had some great local tacos at a taqueria in Tecate. Pedro helped me order some quesadillas with vegetables. It was like a normal dosa stall in India and many office goers seemed to stop by to have a bite during lunch time. 

About half a kilometre from my hotel (Coral & Marina) is a restaurant called Osho. I was curious to try this place so, I went there one evening. During my conversation with server, I confirmed that the name was indeed inspired by the spiritual Guru from India. He told me that the owner is a follower of Osho. I must say, that it is in this restaurant that I had one of the best foods of all time. 

For main course, I tried Chimichanga de vegetales,

The server suggested that I try their special salad made of lightly roasted brinjal and asparagus with Jamaican sauce and mozzarella cheese. I must tell you that this was one of the best salads I have ever had. The sweetness of the jamaican sauce and lightly salty mozzarella cheese added flavour to the brinjal slices. 

For dessert, I wanted to try Piña a la parrilla con salsa de tequila - Pineapple with Tequila sauce, sounded interesting. It was delicious too. I am not sure if these are authentic Mexican cuisine or not but they were absolutely yummy. 

So, on my last day in Ensenada, I decided to go there again for breakfast. I had some delicious Ranch omelet and Chocolate rolls. Both were as yummy as they look. If you are in Ensenada, do try restaurant Osho. 


  1. Wow ! Food looks so yummy. Hope someday get to taste it.


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