Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Painting Marathon

I had a marathon painting day on the 1st of May. I had not painted for a long time and was eager to hold the brush again. 

My first painting was a simple white acrylic paint on black canvas called - Wish. It was fast and easy.

I tried an other acrylic paint with silhouette of three Drongos. 

And to end with something different, a sketch with white gel pen on black paper. I posted a picture of this sketch in making on my WhatsApp status and requested viewers to give it a name. I got some interesting responses and I have named it "Fragrance" based on the best suggestion.


  1. You are a talented artist. I love these paintings.

  2. Lovely. The full moon skimming the water and illuminating the white blossoms is particularly appealing.

    1. Thank you and Welcome to the blog.


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