Twin Lakes, Colorado

On Saturday, the 25th of Feb, my Colleague KC and I headed out of Colorado Springs at around 9:15 AM. The drive to Twin lakes was amazing. Snowcapped mountains put together an impressive sight. 

On our way, for lunch, we stopped at Buena Vista, a small town about 35 miles from Twin lakes. I wanted to try a local cafĂ© instead of the fast food restaurants that seem to be flooding the US towns with their monotonous collection and taste. At Jan’s, the sweet old lady owner served us some great Burgers and salads. Believe me, it tasted far better than the ones found in McDonalds or Burger king. Based on the recommendation of Jan, I packer a delicious pie for myself. I shall post pictures of the dishes in my food post that would follow soon. 

At twin lakes, I was thrilled to see the lake completely frozen. It was an amazing experience to walk over it. I think these pictures speak for themselves. 


  1. Walking over frozen lakes must have been amazing experience. The photos are lovely.


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