A Quick September

A quick update on September. Most of the month went by in some reading (The Mahabharata), some gardening and taking care of our cats.

Suggested by my friend Gowri, I visited this nursery called Krishnendra, near Ganesha tank, Siddapura. There, I fell in love with this beautiful ceramic china pot with intricate design. I had to find a beautiful flower as contrast and I picked Geranium.

I also got a multi coloured geranium plant and a kumquat plant.

Rest of the month went by in taking care of our cats. Chilly, the white one is pregnant and Gundu, the black one is injured due to a fall. After a challenging effort put to carry Gundu to the vet, I had to buy this basket to carry them around.

September also saw some horrific strikes around Bangalore over Cauvery water dispute between our state and the neighbouring state of Tamilnadu. One afternoon, we were all requested to immediately head back home due to the growing tension in the city. As I was returning home, I saw tyres and old furnitures being burnt in middle of the road by the protesters. The next day, as I walked around the city, I noticed the reminiscence of the strike - A burnt truck, vehicle free roads, McDonalds and A2B restaurants with shattered windows. The strike continued for another day but remained peaceful there after. In the wake of this strike, I also had my visa renewal to be done at Chennai (Tamilnadu). I had to postpone my interview. 

End of September, I traveled to Chennai. Shatabdi train pampers you excessively by feeding you good food. After 5 hours, I reached Chennai. I directly headed to my hotel (The Spring). Next morning, I took a walk around the area, had some tea at a road side stall and got ready for my appointment for Biometrics. That task took me approximately 5 minutes and I was good to head back to Bangalore as I had no consulate interview for renewal. That seemed ridiculous as I had to take a 11 hour round trip for this 5 minute task. I wish they have this biometrics office in Bangalore soon considering that a majority of people come from the city. 

After that, I took a walk to Spencer Plaza, in search of a hotel Saravana Bhavan. Had tasty masala dosa, shopped at the plaza and headed back. It is funny, 10 years ago, when I had been to Chennai for my interview, I had visited the same mall and Chennai looked almost similar even after these many years except for the metro construction hindering the traffic. I have never been a fan of this city but interacting with people always changes that opinion. I mean, I can learn to live here too though I do not consider this city very clean. 

After that, I checked out of my hotel and went to a Mexican grill that was close by. Spent some time there eating my favourite burrito and using their free wifi. When it was time, I booked an uber taxi to head back to the railway station and took another 6 hour long Lalbagh express back to Bangalore.