Sunday, May 03, 2015

Onake Betta aka Nakula Sahadeva Betta

So after the previous failed  attempt to conquer Kunti Betta we, folks from the office decided to attempt it again on another night trek. 13 of us on the night of 24th April, left office at around 8:30 PM in 3 cars. We stopped at a Dabha on Mysore road for dinner. Chatting, laughing and eating, we spent almost more than 1.5 hours there. Next we drove to Pandavpura. Pandavapura is a right deviation 10-15 kilometres after Mandya on Mysore road. You shall see an arch on the right. After you take this right, keep following the road until the railway track. At the track the road turns left. Follow it until you meet a junction of four roads. An arch again on the right could be your landmark. Google map shows a wrong right turn just before this arch. 

Anyways, at around 1AM we reached the base. We took the flight of stairs leading to the kalyani and temples. We followed the route beside the temple but then got deviated and then got lost in the bushes finding a way up. After some struggle, we found a route leading to the summit. The hike was very short. We made ourselves comfortable on top of a huge rock. We tried to catch some sleep. Some did, some just stayed awake till the morning. Around 4 AM another group came. We all cramped in, at the summit. 

As the first light of dawn broke, we saw that the pillar that many bloggers had talked about was on the adjacent hill. We had boarded a wrong hill again. The previous one was called Bheemana betta. Considering nothing named after Nakula and Sahadeva (The last two brothers of Pandava), we decided to name this after them. I later found out that this second hill is called Onake Betta. 

At least we knew now which was Kunti Betta.  As its the only one that remains to be climbed in the vicinity. We had to follow the road next to Kalyani all the way instead of taking that deviation.Thankfully, despite the weather report not a single drop of rain ruined our trek. And it was a beautiful feeling waking up to a magnificent view. Only thing missing was a cup of tea. 

We walked down the route that was instructed in many blogs and ended at the slope near Kalyani.  

We stopped at a local tea stall and had the much needed morning tea. On our way back, we also stopped at Maddur Tiffianys to have some breakfast. There are lots of other options on the way. By 10:30 AM, I was back home. The sleep that followed after an early lunch was the best I had had in days. 

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  1. Reading through your post was equally exciting as the trek, Ajeya!


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