The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Following the trend of this US visit, I had planned a few museums in Houston as well. After an eventful evening, it was obvious that the next day would start late. Thankfully the city also wakes up late on weekends and the art museums would not open until noon. So, we got up late, got ready and headed to an Indian restaurant for a brunch. It’s called Vishala and I must tell you that this is the best Indian restaurant I have been to in the US. The taste was as close as it can get to the food prepared in India. After a nice meal, Karhtik and I headed to the Menil collection. I particularly wanted to go here because they have a collection of surreal art; one of my favourite art movements. Arun and Santhosh joined us there.

Menil collection is located in the museum district of Houston and its one of the most beautiful places in the crowded city. With lawns, tall trees and a quiet café, it looked beautiful. If I lived here, I would visit this place every weekend and sit in the café reading a book or typing my blog. 

Unfortunately they do not allow photography here. They had an excellent collection of surrealistic art by Giorgio de Chirico, Max Ernst and René Magritte. A few contemporary art was also very impressive. 

We stopped at a small photo gallery next door and viewed some interesting display there. We also witnessed a photo workshop in progress. 

Karthik kept mentioning about Rothko chapel, so we decided to find it. He had heard from a friend that its really good. It did not occur to me until i went inside the chapel that this was the one designed by Mark Rothko, with whose paintings, my colour mixing was compared to, by one of my friends. I had even seen a BBC short series on this place about a month ago. I was extremely happy to be there. Rothko had chosen shades of grey and black here. People choose to mediate there as well. It was a beautiful place to be in.

Next stop - The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. They have a beautiful collection of art here in two separate buildings connected by an underground tunnel again designed by an artist. I loved the collection of cubism and one or two impressionist and surreal art works. 

Collections of Pablo Picasso (Cubism) - 

Fishing Boats by Georges Braque (Cubism) - 

Echo Nostalgique by Salvador Dali (Surreal) - 

Untitled by Roberto Matta (Surreal) -

Portrait of a woman by Kees Van Dongen (Fauvism) - 

Jackson pollock  - 

Mark Rothko - 

The Orange Trees by Gustava Caillebotte (Impressionist) -