Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center

So, After more than 30 hours of traveling, I reached Colorado Springs on the night of Jan 22nd. The place where I have lived for an year, 10 years ago and then visited several times. This was my 4th visit and I always feel a connection with this place. Being back here makes me wonder if I was, in my previous birth perhaps a Native American. 

I was glad that there was not much snow. Though I have driven before even during blizzard, it always takes time to adjust after such a long gap of four years. I also feel so outdated when I come here after few years. The cars do not need keys anymore to start the engine, gear shift stick is replaced by a knob and GPS can make life easy. But only after you have been through those few initial frustrating minutes to figure out how everything works. But once you are on the road, everything seems so familiar and good like you were meant to be there.

But it is interesting to notice that as I grow older, my interests change. Before, I would want to travel a lot and captures images of beautiful views. Today, I want to just live a city. Explore its surroundings and culture and not necessarily travel to see sights. I don't even have a strong desire to capture the images but rather I would like to absorb the beauty of this new place.

Last time I visited the US, I decided to keep themes for the travel. Last time, it was to meet my friends and try different cuisines. This time I wanted to dedicate it to art. 

On Saturday, the 24th, I met my friend Peggy for lunch. It was good to catchup with her after such a long time. There are a few friendships that I have here that I will never let go; people how were like family to me while I first came here and made sure I got the best of the experience. 

We had lunch at the India Palace restaurant. The management had changed so I could not meet the previous Telugu owner whom I knew. 

After lunch we headed to the Colorado springs fine arts museum. Entry ticket is $12 and there are free docent guided tours starting at 12 everyday. We were just in time for that. A docent; a lady perhaps in her mid fifties, took us around and talked about some of the works exhibited. Every painting seemed to have an interesting story behind it. I simply loved the vibrant colours of this painting by Paul Pletka (Acrylic on Canvas).

And there was something extremely realistic and thought provoking about this Portrait of Miss Elsie Palmer by John Singer Sargent. (Painting is also known as Young Lady in White)

I shall let these pictures speak for themselves. I was thrilled by this visit and several new ideas for painting bloomed in me. 

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