Indianapolis Art Museum

Another city was soon waiting for me. I traveled from LA back to Colorado Springs and spent a week before it was ready to fly again. On the 4th of Feb, I left Colorado Springs to Chicago and then to Indianapolis. Flight delays made my travel time so long that I reached Indy only by midnight. The first weekend that I was there(Saturday 7th Feb) , I decided to visit the Indianapolis art museum hence continuing my trend. 

The museum has some really good sculptures displayed int he front. I was also surprised to see a good crowd there. Mostly parents bringing their kids for a day out but there were several art lovers too. 

I have been viewing impressionist art where all I have traveled and my liking for this style is growing with every visit to such museum. 

Landscape at Saint-Remy by Vincent Van Gogh - 

Sunday Afternoon by George Moreen - 

The Church Of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice by Claude Monet - 

The most exciting was to see a self portrait of Rembrandt with his distinctive claire obscure style. 

The front building housed some Chinese music and dance show. A dragon dance attracted lots of kids to this event. 

Some of the contemporary art was also very impressive. 

Telekinetic Masturbator by Erwin Wurm - 

Untitled (Mylar) by Tara Donovan - 

I personally loved this floor full of small sculptors of men appearing to hold the glass in one hand lifted. 

Floor by Do-Ho Suh - 

This place is easily a half day trip if not more and the exteriors are very impressive. A 100 acre park extends to the left of the museum and summer time would be a good time to take a stroll in them.