Last Day in Hong Kong

Day 12 - 1st Jan 2015 (I Continue from here...New Years Eve, Hong Kong )

So the last day in HK had arrived. Everyday was so eventful that we had become part of this city by now. We woke up really late the next day, got ready and checked out of the hotel. The hotel has a baggage counter were we left our bags and decided to head on our last stroll around HK. The free bus service from he hotel took us to the admiralty MTR station. We directly headed to the Chung King mansion and had brunch at the Sarvana hotel again run by a punjabi. I told the guy at the main entrance that I had tried the restaurant as promised and told him that the food was very good. He was happy.

We then went to Temple street night market thinking of doing some shopping. But in the afternoon the shops were being slowly setup. We got a few things and left. By 5, we were back in the hotel. We had to walk two blocks to board the A10 bus to the airport. The only other option is the Airport express train that is HK$200 or something as compared to the bus that is HK$40 from our HK island. As we drove away we bid farewell to the lovely city.

HK is one of the most beautiful places I have been too and will always remain special. It was so easy to communicate and get around here even without much help. I specially loved the people for their discipline. Its truly a city where the east meets the west. All though Chicago remains for me the most beautiful city, I think HK is almost there. 

Our flight was at 21:05 PM and was uneventful.