Kokkare bellur

Kokkare Bellur is situated in Maddur taluk of Mandya District in Karnataka. It is about 83kms from Bangalore. Around 10 Kms after Channapattna, you would find a left turn towards the village and all through the route you can spot sign boards guiding you to the destination.

On May18th, P and I drove to Kokkarebellur. The drive got interesting as we took the deviation towards the village. As soon as we got there we spotted some pelicans, painted storks and Herons. There seemed to be a descent crowd of visitors too. Small kids from the village would circle you requesting for pens and books. 

It is interesting to notice that the birds have nested around the village so close to human habitat. Every tree is filled with nests and at this time of the year, the young ones are learning to fly. So the air was filled with cries of the little ones trying to beat their feathers in air and learn how to fly. It was a beautiful sight. 

Villagers seem to be very friendly and cooperative with this habitat of migratory birds and seem less disturbed by its presence. They have also created a small area for the wounded birds to rest and here one could find themselves very close to the birds. In fact all the birds seem very friendly and allow one to approach very close to them hence making it possible for you to capture closeups.

After spending an hour or so walking around the village, we returned back. We stopped at Kamath yatri nivas for a good Karavali meal.


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