Lohgad Trek

Mumbai trip was almost suddenly decided. While speaking to my sister, she mentioned that my nephew was back from IIT Kanpur after his first semester. I thought this would be a great opportunity to meet them all. On Sunday the 22nd of December 2013, I took a 6:10AM flight to Mumbai. From the airport I took a taxi to Panvel. As my taxi drove through the city, I felt the cool winter breeze brush over my face and I noticed Mumbai slowly moving on with a Sunday morning. By 10:00 AM, I was in Panvel. A tasty Khanda poha for breakfast, Lot of family talk, A fun film - Phata poster nikla hero and an evening walk to eat some Kaandvi made up this first day. 

Next morning, we left Panvel at around 9:15AM in two cars. Ganesh Bhai, his son Shivam and his two classmates joined us on the trip. In a Swift and a Honda city we drove towards Lonawala on Mumbai-Pune express. We could either take the exit to lonawala or drive further and take a small exit after that which would be a road with lesser traffic. Google map shows all the options to get to the fort. But we missed a turn and hence had to take a longer route. Otherwise lohgad is little over an hours drive from Panvel.

By the time we reached the base of the fort, it was around 11:00 AM. The trek is simple. There are steps and neat trails that lead you to the top in not more than an hour. At the summit are some tombs and a pond. 

On the other side of the summit one can find the famous scorpion’s tail. It looked wonderful and I bet monsoon would make it look differently beautiful. 

We stopped at a pond and treated ourselves with some lunch - Chapati curry and sandwiches that my sister quickly prepared right there. 

The view from the top was brilliant. After relaxing there for a while we returned back. 

On the way we called a hotel at the base and ordered some rice Bhakri. Rice Bhakri was a little too much for us after our lunch but yet the Junka and Tesa were very tasty.

It was a nice day trek; Not too long, nor too tiring. It was ideal and I would highly recommend this trek during Monsoon. 


  1. You came all the to Panvel to go to Lohagad & I live in Mumbai and haven't made to it till now. Shame, I must go there in this year at least. :)

    Wish you a Happy New Year 2014 full of travels.

  2. Lovely...nd and an unexpected trip...some really tasty junka and bhakri...thnks to u aju we could explore the fort which otherwise we wud never visit inspite of staying nearby.


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