Sister's Visit

My sister Akki and niece Deeksha came to Bangalore on Friday, the May 17th. That day, we watched Iron Man 3 in IMAX. The IMAX experience was brilliant. Deeksha is an awesome entertainer. With her around time just flies. She imitates people, speaks dramatically for fun. 

Next day, I had my first French class for B2 level. While I went to class, they visited a friend. My teacher for this level is a French native which is a very good thing for us to catch the accent and pronunciation. Later that day, we watched a Kannada play at Rangashankara. It was a children's play based on a short story by Kuvempu (Narigalige yake Kodugalu illa). The play was very creative and the kids had brilliantly enacted the roles of different animals.

On Sunday, While Preethi took my sis and niece to Maya hotel for lunch, I ran to my class. Evening, we went to Food street. We tried idli, dosa, Butter Kodballe, Chats and everything that was there. Light drizzle made the evening cooler and enjoyable.

On Monday, Akki, Deeksha and I went to Wonderla. I was going to a amusement park after 6 years and thus it was very refreshing. A ride called insanity was the most feared but the most awesome of all, that made us turn in all possible axis. After a morning of dry rides, we bathed ourselves in water rides during the afternoon. Despite a weekday, it was terribly crowded due to holiday season. Every ride had long waiting but it was always worth it. 

Tuesday, we had breakfast at Vidyarthi Bhavan. I always enjoy the poori-saagu they serve. We then drove to Planetarium but the show was at 1:30 PM, so we decided to visit the Bangalore Palace. On the way, obviously we had to stop at the most historic of all the places in Bangalore - Alliance francaises de Bangalore. :-)

I was visiting the palace for the third time and seriously I do not think it is a beautiful place as it is nothing like the one in Mysore. However for a change, there was a TV serial being shot there which made the place look little lively than otherwise.

We watched a show at the planetarium called "Dawn of the space age" which captured the historic moments in space exploration. 

Starving to death, we had to rush to UB City. We lunched at Tuscanno,  an italian restaurant.  Pasta and Lasagna was very tasty. The desserts - Crème brûlée and Cheese cake was yummy.

Four days just passed by with lot of fun and family time. 


  1. Family = ultimate bliss!


  2. hey ajeya,
    i am looking at your blog after some years, was reading through it. i read that u attend painting classes and your guru is from jj school of arts. i'm curious, whom do u learn painting from? i used to go to indian institute of world culture, basavanagudi and learn from Mr. Sunkad. he also studied at the same school, so i was just wondering :)

    and that painting on the wall is nice.

  3. Hello Mouna - Thanks. His name was PP karanth and he studied at JJ around late 60's, i guess. He is very known in South Canara.


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