Galibore & A Ring

Galibore was the destination chosen for our team outing; a team that has suddenly grown from 29 to 45 or more. After a good buffet breakfast at Vaibavi residency, off Kanakpura road, we reached Galibore at around 9:30AM on the 30th of September; after some lime juice tagged as welcome drink, we assembled at a place to divide ourselves into three groups. 18 of us set on a hiking up a small hill; it was fun but the hot sun burnt away all the energy. We returned back to the camp to go on a terrible, unenjoyable coracle ride that almost baked us. After lunch we relaxed on a big net tied to several big trees surrounding it. But the best part was rappelling on a twenty feet tall rock.

By the time some of us finished rappelling, it began to rain and we had to call it a day. The rocks that we had climbed turned slippery and we had to get down using a rope which was an adventure by itself. Many slipped; many struggled and finally got down to board the jeep. Here my friend Jon found he had lost his wedding ring. We searched the gloves used during rappelling but no luck; so four of us set to search the area. Diappointed, we returned back.

On the way back our TT tires skidded on the sludge and all of us got down to push the vehicles. With the effort being distributed among a big team, the vehicles made its way out of the sludge one after another. A rappelling, coracle ride or trekking only divided us into three groups and separated us with individual activities and life’s experience provided us a good team building activity that the entire day at Galibore could not. :-) It was fun to watch few engineers do Root cause analysis and evaluation of situation before the rest stood ready to push the vehicle that seems always like the only and easiest way out of a sludge.

As we cherished the good times by looking at the pictures taken during the outing, many of our colleagues turned detectives by checking photos of Jon and almost spotted a ring like figure in a picture. When someone points out a probability and many confirm the same, it deserves a search and cannot be ignored to let the thought of possibility creep in forever; so on Tuesday (4th) a search team of four again set on a mission to find the ring. Two workers joined us to search and they were as eager as us. It was almost impossible to search in the rocky hill that has seen heavy rainfall during the previous two days but after having done another round of search, we were relieved that we had given our best efforts to find it. Jon was disappointed that he lost his dear ring but he was also happy that he made his best effort to look for it.


  1. Sorry to hear about your friend's wedding ring. Loved the colors, it looks like fall!

  2. So you were with a team outing and so to read that day was pretty hot. That really takes a lot of energy, but you might as well have a beautiful and fun day. Beautiful pictures of your outing.

    Greetings from Holland by Helma

  3. Mridula - Yes we did see some fall colours there.

    Helma - True. We enjoyed though except the coracle ride. :-)


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