La Belle!

When morning glories along with many other bright flowers have blossomed in your garden, one feels good and expects a beautiful day. When one looks at an attractive flower, one is drawn within, towards the minute details of life; such as the moist mud, a ride as it drizzles, warmth of a touch or simply a company midst calm surroundings between the trees that has just had a good shower from the skies. 

And the joy is always a result of a peaceful mind that so many happenings collectively bring to you and it also is the harmony of thoughts with mutual admiration and acknowledgment of expressions and emotions that is so very complicated. And this morning, it seems like all those beautiful feelings have been captured by this beautiful flower; in its pigments, maturing itself with the warmth of the sun. I have several additions to my garden now and will introduce them soon but here is a preview.

I made this painting for a friend whose wedding I failed to attend. I think I have found a new style of painting – A blend of spray paint and acrylic/poster colour.

To make my already busy schedule even busier, I have joined weekend classes to learn French at Alliance Française de Bangalore. When I go to my French classes, I enter a new world. I learn a language that I have never spoken before. I meet people who have never known me before and hence it gives me an opportunity to re-explore or re-create myself. 

The classes are very interesting and a lot of fun as everybody is equally new to the language and we learn through similar mistakes. The class is diversified. We have a mother who wants to know if her kid is pronouncing the language properly. There are employees of a firm with French clients and those who want to migrate to Canada or France for job or higher studies. There are also people like me who want to learn French to communicate during their travels or want to watch a French movie without subtitles.

Here is a short introduction in French –

Bonjour. Je m’appelle Ajeya, Je suis indien. Je parle bien Kannada, Anglais, Tulu, Hindi et un peu françias. J’aime la lecture, la peinture, l'Écriture et les voyages.

À bientôt.


  1. That was a good try at French. And the painting is awesome. I am sure your friend will like it.

  2. You paint, you do gardening and now you are learning a new language too. You bent on giving me complex? :D :D :D

  3. la joie de vivre Ajeya? :D

  4. Nisha - Thanks. :-)

    Mridula - LOL. Just trying to do too many things, i guess. :-)

    Kish - :-) Oui. Merci.

  5. nice intro of u in french. :)) the morning glories are too good... waiting to see more pics of them. the leaves are also so beautifully shaped.

  6. :-) Thanks Anupama.Sure more pics to come.

  7. Bonjour Ajeya, votre peinture est tres beau!

    Didn't know you were an artist!

  8. I absolutely loved your description of the have such a way with words....and the pictures were great. YOU PAINT- oh my- and now you are taking French!! So you are a kindred spirit- you also probably don't know what it means to be bored. :)

  9. Edmund - Merci. :-)

    Anjuli - :-) Ya may be, never allow myself to get bored. Always something to do.

  10. Nice snaps, good writing and French not bad at all!.

    I am a friend of your cousin and worse half of a highs cool classmate of yours.

    you write well, keep up the good work.

  11. Hello And thanks for visiting. :-) Convey my regards to your better half. :-)

  12. I have always felt that a true artist is seldom focussed into one stream of art. In many ways, all forms of art connect at a fundamental level. And each time, the artist is 'recreating' clay that can be remoulded again and again...

    You write beautifully....


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