With several writing assignments, I am slightly ignoring my blog; which I do not like, as this blog has rendered me so many learning’s through my interactions with fellow bloggers and the satisfaction that it provides me while putting away my thoughts. So I am making my best efforts to keep the blog updated.

Here is a short post on what has kept me busy so far –

Bangalore Platter – Buddy Subbu and I turn Rocky and Mayur (From “Highway On My plate”, NDTV goodtimes) to explore cool restaurants in town and review it on our office Monthly magazine. It’s been lot of good eating so far. :-) This month we ate at “The Egg factory” which offers most of many dishes possible to be cooked by egg. It is off st Marks road, opposite the SBI head office.

Silhouette – An article I write for the Weekly (Once in a while), which brings to focus one employee beyond the world of cubicles.

Fourth Umpire – A sports magazine, to begin rolling soon that covers the Annual sports event held at our company.

That’s a lot of writing already, apart from a new project at work, coming up for me.

But anyways, as always I enjoy writing, anything and how much ever. I like the way how words can inspire, how it can influence. I wish to be always faithful to them.

Apart from writing, I am reading a book too….”Vamshavriskha” – Written by SL Bhyrappa, my favorite author. I never repent more for not having studied Kannada as i do when I see a Bhyrappa book, so I pick a translated version to suffice my curiosity. His latest book – Kavalu has gone out for 6th re-print in just two months of release. So I picked this one (Vamshavriksha – The Family tree) of his earliest novels which in a unique way deals with the social and cultural issue faced by a Brahmin family in mid 40’s; a very unique perspective towards widow re-marriage.

A couple of days back, I was at a hotel, having dinner with few friends and as always, I did notice people around me, in the very next table, five friends where having their get-together. One was well built, wore a tight T-shirt, blue jeans, other had a long pony tail, an earring and so on. They drank, they smoked and enjoyed and in the end, they brought a cake to celebrate one of the guys 39th birthday. It seemed like an emotional moment. I realized how quickly time flies, and how much they wanted to look younger in their dressing. How attached we get to our young age and how little we want to grow old. Well their behaviors and dressing definitely pointed that they wanted to look younger than their actual age. If not for the cake, I would have never known that they are all nearing 40. Time flies, and we mentally want to stay back.

Today I turn 30!


  1. Many happy returns of the day ! May God bless you.

  2. Hi Ajeya Rao,
    Thanks for visiting The Egg factory. Please do let us know what you thought of our food. Thanks.

  3. Hi Ajeya,
    Thanks for visiting The Egg factory. Please do let us know what you thought of our food, service etc. You could write to us at soulfoodcompany [at] gmail.

  4. Happy B'day!

    May you forever stay young and not have to wear a pony tail and tight tee to look it. ;-)

    Lucky that u have so many writing assignments... I wish I was in a cool company like that.

    I have to make do with blogosphere... so will catch you around. ;-)

    ps: i like the rocky-mayur try outs. I'd like to try their life out sometime! ;-)

  5. Sometimes I feel I did a lot of things the other way round, didn't do it when I was young but I enjoy more now, anyway I think photography is age less :D

  6. Wish you a very happy birthday Ajeya.

  7. Nisha - Thanks!

    Kitchen Accidental - The food was amazing. Four of us tried around 8 dishes and all were excellent.

    Ajai - Thanks! :-) I wish i could look a little older to my age. People mistake me to be a college student. Thats equally terrible
    The rocky mayur try out is cool, you should do that for your blog, once in a while.

    Mridula - Thanks Mridula. I agree...same here! Want to do all that we dint at that age...Is that a sign of wanting to live the younger age? :-)

  8. Once again many more happier returns of today with the wish that this year brings you the best times in life, yet! And welcome to the 30s club ;)

    Great to see an update on your space, especially one that speaks so well about food! (My fav topic) :)

  9. Belated Birthday wishes :-)

  10. Many happy returns of the day. It's Aug 1st here, a delay of a day to wish you on your birthday!

    Words can inspire, words can influence, words are powerful. Keep writing Ajeya.

  11. Happy Birthday to you dear friend!:)
    Though late the wishes are most sincere.
    Wish you more writing projects.

  12. Celina - Thank You!

    Indrani - Thanks a lot Indrani!

  13. Glad to see that you are back Ajeya and hope that you had a great 30th Bday! :)

    Nice depiction of the 5 peeps having dinner and celebrating Bday. Gosh, time really flies, and blogging/taking pictures is certainly one of the things where we can leave our mark. I was going through old posts back from 2007 and found myself laughing reading old posts.

  14. Edmund, Thanks, I did have a nice birthday! Yes time really flies...Yes, you always feel like laughing at the old writings or old pictures. :-) We feel so outdated in them. :-) Time flies!

  15. Man what can I say? If only we have the time machine handy:P

  16. Hey Ajey, Sorry i m late but Belated Happy Birthday!!

    Loads of gud wishes :)


  17. Kish - :-)

    Anu - Thanks Anu

  18. hi ajeya , age is one factor we often tend to forget ;reading your article ,i just reminised that iam no longer a gal and have transformed to a "woman".i still often behave "galish",like in my "teens",even beeing a mother of 5 year old.nice note..

  19. Belated Birthday wishes ! ( s me !! )

    I read Vamshavriksha too..In kannada...I m sure I m not as well read as u..but try Samskaara , also by SL Byrappa.. Thats good too..

  20. Raji - Welcome to the blog. :-)

    Reborn - Good to see you back. You must have gone for a long time from blog world. how have you been?


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