Surathkal - 2 Trips!

Two trips to Mangalore in last two weekends was not tiring but exhilarating.

The first, to attend a function at home, meet relatives, watching a Yakshagana Thalamadale program and quite observations at the Beach. Watched a very inspiring movie called – The Blind Side.

Second trip was to attend few functions. Buddy Subbu had few weddings to attend too, so he came over on Saturday as well. Watched Iron Man -2 (Interesting and entertaining without comparisons); Ate ice creams at Pubbas; Went to the Surathkal beach to have egg-Maggie and bread omelet at my friend Vasu and Mine usual stop – Guddu Angadi; Sat by the beach till almost 8:30Pm observing the Colours fade, people move, waves rise and fall and ships sail. One can enjoy silence at its best at a Beach.


  1. would like to go to suratkal beach again..hows the weather there now ?

  2. Do you know why I have come for? To have a closer look at those ice creams !!
    They are my weakness.

  3. Lakshmi - The weather is good now...humid though, another few weeks and it shall begin to rain.

    Rakesh - Thanks

    Nisha - Yes, i have never tasted any icecream close to this Ideals icecream in mangalore, they have a trade secret. :-)

  4. I remember the Maggi omelet at the Surathkal beach :D The lighthouse shot is quite good.

  5. really some great photographs ,brings old memories back.

  6. This is lovely. If possible, do post some pictures of the Yakshagana program.

    My latest post is of pictures shot near Surathkal, a place called Sasihithlu, if you know it!?

  7. It was Thalamadalle not yakshagana, so they would not have those costumes and makeup. I did not take any pics.

    Yes i do know of sasithlu...on my way to your blog....


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