Eventful Weekends!

From Kinnaur we headed to Mumbai to my sister’s house. With enough of travels up north all I wanted to do was relax in the Navi Mumbai apartment for few days. Visited a few relatives and watched “Wake Up Sid”. The movie I thought was good but too many such movies are being made and stories and direction seem repetitive. Both Konkana and Ranbeer are my favorite actors and they were excellent onscreen.

From Mumbai, we headed south to Mangalore. Visited an aunt in Old age home, attended a friend’s wedding and took a bicycle ride to the beach. Back in Bangalore, it was a cleaning day continued with routine.

Mother In Between A Conversation.

"Our House Or His?" :-)

Weekends since return have been extraordinarily busy. Travels to Mangalore twice for weddings of friends; Deepavali celebrations etc. We celebrated Deepavali at home this year, though I am not a big fan of crackers I enjoyed the flat kids burst crackers and realized how outdated I was with respect to the fireworks and did not know the names like – Comet, Animal, Butterflies. :-) I do not encourage polluting the atmosphere with bursting crackers but the happiness on the faces of children is priceless.

On one of the days during Deepavali, My friend Subbu and I went to a function organized by an NGO run by his friend and family, which on this auspicious day donated musical instruments to a group of very talented blind musicians. Many from the group displayed their talents during the event.

Life is going to be more eventful with more travels lined up...


  1. In the last picture those are Mongoose I believe?

  2. Cool, now the comment above gives you a reason to write about it:P

  3. Cool, now the comment above gives you a reason to write about it:P

  4. Mridula - Yes it is....in our front yard at surathkal

    Kish- LOL...Had to remove that. :-)

  5. hey wake up sid. but ya too many stories of the same type now.
    not been to navi mumbai... how is it?>

  6. Supoerb pics there! The last one - Mongoose???? Can U imagine, its years since I saw one?

  7. saw a mongoose last weekend at Daroji..so where all are you planning to go ?

  8. So where are you off to next, ajeya?:P

  9. Thanks all...Just back from an amazing Kumara Parvatha Trekk....heading to hubli and CHitradurga next. :-)

  10. Gurugale, would appreciate if u can include me on ur next visit's to NGO's or kinda work.
    Waiting to hear about ur trek..


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