Kinnaur - 03

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Day - 04

As I got up the next morning, the site was amazing. The clouds were slowly uncovering the mountains and the view was splendid. After an early breakfast we started our journey back to Sangla.

Beautiful Nako!

Apples Have Arrived

On the way we stopped at Kalpa and Reckong Peo. At Kalpa we visited the temples and monastery and caught some excellent view of the Kinner Kaliash parvath. (Kinnaur’s version of Kailash Parvath) We visited a nice monastery in peo with a big idol of standing Buddha and walked on a narrow road to a temple where the daily procession was in progress.

Kinner Kailash View From Kalpa

Procession At Temple in Peo

We had a great lunch at Recong Peo in a very good restaurants. Finally some good pulkhas and paneer butter masala. After a good and satisfying lunch we drove back to Sangla.

The camp was getting crowded with so many new visitors, Dada’s. One of them from the old men group walked to me and began a conversation. He mentioned to me that the group of friends are classmates from 10th at a boarding school from Rajasthan. Some joined army, some became businessmen and so on but this alumni group meets every year to recollect the fun days. They also do lot of charity work and where the first to reach some remote villages during earthquake at Gujarat. They have a neat website where they publish their updates. It was a very interesting story.

Next morning, we packed our bags and were ready to leave. Few others from the group walked to us and wished us all the best. We thanked all for making our stay memorable and left the amazing valley not willingly.

The drive from Sangla to Chandigarh was long , almost 8 hours, it was boring too. Shimla was crowded and we did not wish to stop there. We reached Chandigarh at around 6:00 PM. Even though the road are wide (8 lanes) and complexes are neat, they all look so same and hence to me boring, may be I should explore other parts of the city to talk more. We had a walk to a nearby restaurant for dinner and I had some good food and excellent lassi.
We left to Mumbai next morning. The trip to mountains was over with some interesting story of nature and inspiring people. I wish to return back to Kinnaur for trekking. I was so tempted to take a detour and explore the mountains rather than driving on a car. So that’s the plan for next time.


  1. Wow! Every time I see such pictures, I so much desire to go there and perhaps spend the rest of my lifetime - disconnected from the world and in utter bliss!

  2. After Kinnaur everything would look boring in comparison for a while :D Let us see when we head up that high again!

  3. Rakesh - Very true.

    Mridula - Cant agree more. Yes...planning is something i love so lots of ideas and plans flying around. :-)

  4. i just love the first pic! .. i cant just take my eyes off it

  5. Great shots Ajeya!
    I somehow enjoy the drives in such long roads too.

  6. Lovely photos of the mountains. you didn't try momo's?

    and i liked reading abt those alumni. i wish i was in to somethin like that.

    and 1 more thing...pls... nxt time u go take me along also na... pleech! :)

  7. A great ending to your visit, Ajeya! I love that we can experience new places with friends in blogland...almost as good as being there in person ;)

  8. Anuradha NagarajNovember 02, 2009

    Sounds like u had a interesting trip...The best part is u make u're writting come alive....

    The photos are awesome !!!

  9. Anupama & Namita - Thanks.

    Indrani - True.

    AJai- Yes the story of the alumi is inspiring. And yes you ar emost welcome for the future travel. :-)

    Lynn - Thanks. I am glad this record helps.

    Sis - Thanks.

  10. Great pictures man. Snow-capped mountains are really captivating, aren't they?
    How does this place compare with The colorado springs area?

    P:S- you should write a post on the best places you've ever been to, traveller that you are:P

  11. oh my! What a beautiful place.

  12. Being a traveler i love your blog with the NICE photograph.


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