Coimbatore & Mangalore

During the weekend of Sep18th I had a good travel filled plan to Coimbatore and Mangalore. While in Coimbatore we visited Murugan temple at Pallani. The drive was very nice along the paddy fields and wind mills. We took cable car on the way up to the temple and a winch ride back. The temple was decently crowded as it was a week day.

View From the Top


Next day we visited Perur temple which had beautifully stone carved and painted interiors. Our next stop was to Dyana Lingam, a peaceful meditation center at the outskirts of the city. On the way back thanks to P’s grandma I found the “Golden Shower” saplings at a nursery. I had been looking for this for over a year now.

On Saturday we took the train to Mangalore. Next two days was spent in Mangalore with family and relatives. Many relatives came home for a function and it was fun talking to them. Navratri is the best time to be in my home town. Two temples near my house have yakshagana shows all nine nights. I watched yakshagana till around 1:00 AM and recollected several childhood memories of fun involved during this time of the year; took a bicycle ride by the beach which was very refreshing.


The weekend was fun with lots of travel and family reunions. I was excited about the Himachal trip soon to come.


  1. Both Coimbatore and Mangalore are very close to my heart and I try often to stopover at these places during my travels!

    Good pictures!

  2. Hi Ajeya,
    Welcome back, I m fine, hw was ur trip? I m in London for just few months otherwise I live in Delhi :)


  3. Ajeya, good to know that your driver was good :):).
    It's a great time to make travel plans, isn't it? I'm waiting to get any kind of job, so no money constraints:P

  4. hey,

    the snap reminded me of all the yakshagana we attended and had fun. :) true navaratri is the best time to visit manglore

  5. hey... happy diwali!
    palani murugan temple is a nice place. remember going there bout 4 years back. coimbatore is jus 1 hour from pgt. used to go there often. been some time since i wnt back home... i need to some time soon... or i'll forget what it used to like even. :P

  6. Excellent post with lovely pictures.
    Wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous Diwali.

  7. Rakesh - good to know that.

    Anu - Thanks. Oh ok.

    Kish - Yes our drive was good. :-) Sure! once you will you can. I hope you are not into software though. :-)

    Anupama - True....and i saw a very funny yakshgana - Fav prasanga (Daksha Yagna) but bad troupe. It had several moments were in we could burst out laughing...ecspeacially Dakshaini itself...imaging daksha yagna with a robot like looking Dakshayini. LOL.:-)

    Wokhard - Thanks

    Ajai - I have been to Palghat to, have relatives there. Where are you orginally from?

    Babli - Thanks and wish you the same.

    Happy Deepavali to all!

  8. Nope no s/w bullshit for me. I want to find some use for four years of pricess education, if you know what i mean

  9. Kish - Ok...thats good. :-)

  10. Ajeya,
    Have you visited the Sri Gokarnanatheshwara Temple at Kudroli, Mangalore? It was beautifully lit in celebration of Dussehra festival when I was there last month.
    - celine


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