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Alok has tagged me to list my favorite, melodious songs & reason why I like them (Not language specific, I choose it that way). My likings with songs keep changing, so there isn’t some personal favorite that I listen for a continued period of time. So it took me a while, to pick few, which I frequently choose and revisit. Mostly I admire the lyrics first and then the music.
Here are my favourites –

Hindi –

1. “Seep Mein Moti Hain Lekin” From Moksha. I love this song for its lyrics. Here, I wrote about the song. It is very soulful and melodious.

2. “Tu Jo Nahi Hein To” From Who Lamhe. Kangana at her best.

3. “Sambala Hein Maine” From Naaraz is a lovely song and I loved to listen to it, when it played on Chitrahar.

4. Teri Yaad – From Namastey London....Music variation through the song.

5. Raat Hamari To - Parineeta....Lyrics again.

6. Khabi Shaam Dale - Sur....Soulful singing by Kavita Krishnamurthy.

7. Mitwa - KANK....Lovely lyrics.

English –

1. “If There is Something” – From Roxy Music. I love the way this song was used in the movie , Flashbacks of a fool. Love the way the music shifts from one tone to another.

2. “Time” – Pink Floyd – One of the best lyrics.

3. “Us & Them” – Pink Floyd – Toxic music. 

4. Proclain – The Beach…Love the music of this movie.

Kannada –

1. “Yava Mohana Murali” – Both from the movie and the one sung by MD Pallavi. Movie America America, adapts this song very beautifully with the theme of the movie. The first line means something like this – “Which flute has attracted you so far to some Vrindavan, far away from your home land?” 

2. “Neenillade” (Translates as - Without you) – A Bavageethey from MD Pallavi. One of the best. 

 3. “Omme Ninanu Kaan Thiumba” From the movie Gaalimathu. 

Tamil –

1. “Mumbe Vaa” From Silunu Oru Kadhal. I think this is one of A R Rahman’s Best ever.

1. Lakshmi
2. Rahul Viswanath
3. Nikki
4. Indrani
5. Matilda


  1. 3 (Hindi) & 2, 3 & 4 in Eng are my favs too!

  2. Trust me ..... I would join hands on your compilation ..... Smart one !!!

  3. really have to think ...esplly kannada :)

  4. Kannada : Banallu Neene
    Ee Hasiru Siriyali - Nagamandala
    Preethse Antha - Excuse Me

    Hindi : Saathiya Yeh Tune - Love
    Swades - Yeh Jo Desh hai Tera
    Tu Jaha - Mera Saya
    Aye Zindagi Gale Laga Le - Sadma
    Tujhse naraz nahi zindagi......
    Mitwa - Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna

    Tamil : Minsara Poove - Padaiyappa
    May Madham - Margazhi Poove
    Yamunai Aatrile - Thalapathi
    Kannaamoochchi- Kandukondain Kandukondain

    English : Phil Collins - Another day in paradise
    ABBA - Dancing Queen
    Sixpence None The Richer - There She Goes
    James Blunt - You're Beautiful
    Travis - Why Does It Always Rain On Me

    Hope this was a good list as of today !! :)

  5. Rakesh - Pink Floyd is my fav, anytime.

    Rahul - Thanks...You completed your tag here. :-) The Nagamandala song is very nice. Oh ya. Mitwa lyrics is very nostalgic to me. I forgot to add, Mitwa in my list.

    @Lakshmi - Well...it need not be language specific, I just made it that way...list melodious songs and why. Sorry for that confusion.

  6. Nice collection of songs..

  7. Woow Pink Floyd!
    i love their songs too. awesome!
    thank you million for the tag.
    i will check your fav hindi songs later and do my tag :)
    cant thank you enough!

  8. Hi there, I will check your songs!

  9. That’s a nice collection of songs; “Mitwa” from KANK & Pink Floyd are my favorites too.

    Thanks for doing the tag :)


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