What Have I Been Doing So Far?

I usually rotate my hobbies so that they keep me equally engaged. I had had too much of TRAVELING till April and so wanted to change to READING. I read 3 books –"My Days" by R K Narayan, "Argumentative Indian" by Amratya Sen & Collected plays –Part I by Girish Karnad; all three where different and very interesting. “My Days” was refreshing and inspiring; Amartya Sen’s book was informative but I thought may be it was slightly biased and the plays by Karnad where superb, thoughtful tales from history. By the end of third book I had had enough of reading so I started watching couple of MOVIES.

The best I watched was “7G Rainbow Colony”; a Tamil film. This film is based on a real life story and is simply outstanding for its story, direction and acting. The movie is so real indeed, for the way it has been shot. I even watched "Dashavataram" and liked Kamal Hassan for his talent and at the same time hated his movie "Veteyadu Velliyadu" for its horrible storyline, display and dullest love story ever. I watched "12B" and thought it had good concept but should have needed more polish; the love story lacked intimacy. Well that’s a lot of Tamil movies, isn’t it? I watched "Sarkar raj" and liked it because of the direction and twists in the story and Kannada movie “Autograph” which is a beautiful tale.

By now, I am bored of movies too; I have watched enough; so what next? May be WRITING. I am planning on writing my 20th short story. I have the storyline etched in my mind.

Here are few glimpses of my Mangalore visit in May. Both my sisters and four kids where home. So it was a nice family reunion.

Watched my Youngest nephew from LA explore his grandma's home

Took my niece and nephew to the beach

Watched the crab dig holes

And few lonely moments at the beach thinking of someone!


  1. So now I know what have u been doing so far ...the last picture and the note there says it all :)

  2. You had fun Ajeya all these days.
    And got connected with nature too. Great shots of beach, especially the crab's. :)

  3. @Reborn - :-)

    @Indrani - Sure I did. Yes, it was interesting observing the crabs. They would dig the sand with the claws and then throw the sand certain distance away from the hole and get back to digging.

  4. Great dude, I like the concept of rorating hobbies. By the way what do you do with your short stories? Have you published them on yuor blogs?

  5. I was interested to read about your enjoyment of 'Mrs Dalloway.' I have a friend in New York who is steeped in Virginia Wolf (spelling?). She is an artist and everything she produces is based on a quote from the author. I tried to get into 'To the Lighthouse' once but I couldn't manage it! Maybe I'm not deep enough. My Blog is usually lighthearted. Try

    Rinkly Rimes

  6. so many tamil films ..and beaches..wow.!!thats a lot Ajeya..I m echoing what others say -you are having a lot of fun

  7. Ajeya,

    Mangalore! Nice. It's one of my favourite places that I always treat with a bit of partiality. Glad to know you've been having fun!

  8. @Shashi, Thank you for visiting my blog. I have not published my stories on my blog but may want to publish them as book someday.

    @Rinkly Rimes - Thank you for visiting my blog. I would like to speak with ths friend of yours in NYC, I enjoy discussions on VW as she had been a very interesting person. I would ike to visit your blog. Will leave a comment there. Keep coming.

  9. Lakshmi - Thanks...

    Indicasp - True, We Mangloreans always would be so

  10. Ajeya-

    first time here, came here from Lakshmi's blog, that was a nice post sumamrizing all your recent doings.

    Beaches in Mangalore are so good.

  11. Mitr,

    Thanks for stopping by. So which part of India are you from originally?

  12. Ajeya-

    I hail from Chennai.


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