Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I meant to avoid you,
But the moments didn't let me.

I decided to ignore you,
But our talks dint allow me.

I thought of hating you,
But the innocence stopped me.

I wanted to hurt you,
Instead your sadness hurt me.

True friendships can never be avoided,
Even if ignored or stopped, they hurt more.


P.S - Picture taken at Brown County National Park, Indianapolis in May-2005


  1. That is such a sweet poem. And I love the picture too.

  2. Oh the previous comment was from me. I wanted to sign it at the end and clicked too soon. I am not able to comment using my blogger ID and password so have to do it as anon and then sign it. In case I click too soon again here goes,

    -Travel plaza

  3. Ohh you again in those lovely lines.
    I can feel the emotions depicted here.

    I also wrote something similar here.

  4. @Travel Plaza - Glad to see you back. You have been gone for a loooong time. I hope u will start posting soon....or may be you have....will chk your blog now!

    You have to use your gmail account now to log-in to blogger. Please try with that.

    @Cuckoo- Thanks. I liked your poem, its surprising to notice how few lines can speak so much.

  5. sweet one. n well complimented by the pic..

  6. You got to copyright ur writings before they get printed on grand-scale cards :)

  7. @ Bharat J - Thanks

    @Edmund - Thanks...Well...I normally do not post my poems and stories but this time, had no time to write anything new.

  8. im sooo moved!! thank u for inspring :)

  9. nice poem published on right time :) .. it s true , that true friendships can never be avoided, and if we try , it hurts more..

    nice picture too !

  10. lovely words...thats very very true & also the lovely shot!

  11. Truly amazing, nice lines. I can feel your feelings. Nice shot as well.

  12. All,

    Thanks....and Happy Friendship day!


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