Decode The Secrets

I was supposed to post my travelogue on Yana trip but I apologies for not being able to find some time to write that post. Instead, I would like to brief on a thought that occurred to me yesterday.

“Life is filled with moments that we experience - some bad some good. But not leaving it just at that, if we closely study each incident then there hides a secret. By breaking those codes we learn that something is constantly hinting us on how to live, how to shape our future and that unknown is also providing a solution for most of our problems.”

I have always analysed the past experiences and derived my own philosophy for life. But there are times when despite all the ideologies, inspite of all the principles, we commit mistakes, we stop thinking clearly about our behaviours. That’s when some incidents happen and it’s left to us to learn from them. Some unknown power is clearly pointing out at the truth, and the answers to our problems.

I don’t know if I should call it irony or game planned by my God. I had a very weird experience couple of days ago. I am sure; God has played a very funny and ironic game with me. He gave me something I had once desired but, at a time when I cared the least about it. My focus had changed and my priorities now were different and he gifts me with something once desired, but presently unacceptable. I am broken by that not so good experience and unable to answer anyone. I had to suppress my thoughts, once again.

How easy it would be to hug a best friend and transfer all your unsaid thoughts and worries without even speaking a word? But it simply doesn’t work that way; the thoughts still bother you.

But I am not the kind of person who allows such thoughts to bother me for ever. I need a solution for it and until I find it I would not rest in peace. So knowingly or unknowingly, I analyse the situation. And what I found was a lesson - a secret that when decoded from that incident made my belief in this unknown   controller, even more strong. I was provided with a lesson not to commit the same mistake, which if not identified, I would have. From that incident I learnt what not to do.

This is not the first time I have encountered such coded incidents. Many such incidents have occurred in the past and guided me. I realise that one has to pay for his deeds. One needs to repay for his sins and many more such truths surface. And the way it is brought to you is ironic and that tells that God or this unknown power, or whatever you want to call it, loves to mock at you sometimes. By the end of all this, you admire him more because despite the bad experiences, in spite of being ironic, he has saved you from a disaster. He has thus reminded you how to live, how to love unconditionally and how to live happily without expectations.

Life is full of experiences. And in every one of them lies a code; a mystery to be solved; to be understood; to be decoded in order to live a better life. Decode your secrets today!


  1. No so easy for everyone Ajeya to decode these secrets.

  2. Powerful post Ajeya. I have to agree with Mridula. It is easier for some than others to decode those secrets. Still we should all strive to.

  3. Great thought put in words. Its always not easy to decode the feelings, thoughts and put them in words like you did. I liked it.

    On going through your post, I had this thought about God. We usually associate God with anything good (I hope you agree). How could a good God mock at us? If He does, then he is no different than our wife or children or friends or relatives or even parents..... and is unworthy to be "God"?

    It is always true that when we isolate from the world (i mean usually when lonely) and start thinking the issues of life we face many questions....and obviously not always do we have an answer. We look out for a FRIEND to help us.......

  4. @ Mridula & Travel Plaza - Is it? May be everyone does not observe it so closely at all times.

    @ Dove - When I use the word Mock...It’s not in any bad sense. Of course the word when used for humans means deliberate action to insult someone. But if you read clearly through the lines; I have tried to convey that God does that based on a good intention. We need to repay for our deeds. In my case it was an ironic incident that pointed me out that what i was about to do was terribly wrong.

    And I strongly believe that one's best friend is none other than himself.

  5. Decodin the secrets!!! only if everyone cld do it successfully!!!

  6. Never really thought seriously about decoding ..

    I read somewhere ... we are like tea bags..Our true strength comes out only when we go through difficulties/experiences in life. So if we are facing too many problems , we might be God s favourite cup of tea !! and will come out better !

    u have put down complex thoughts in a simple , effective words... very thought provoking...

  7. @ Thanks. The tea cup funda may be right in some senses. Infact afterall all such sayings tell you to think positively.

  8. Wow! This post is great and it's SO true.

    We, as curious beings with past experiences/education shaping our personalities do enjoy trying to see more, understand more, and strive to find a logical answer for things that come across our lives. However, I wonder if some of them are better to be left as secrets? Ironic, isn't it?

  9. :-) Thanks Edmund, Yes its better some things remain as secrets, if they dont bother you.


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