We went skiing last weekend. What a wonderful experience. We got ready by 7:00 AM and left town to Monarch ski resort on Saturday. The drive was slow and long as it was snowing slightly. After loads of laughter and fun during the drive, we reached the ski resort at 11:00AM. We put on required jackets, coats, caps, glasses and gloves and then hired the equipments – ski boots, ski with bindings and ski poles. You can easily hire them at the ski resort. After struggling through with the heavy boots to walk around on snow, we finally got into action. Before I began, I had fallen down. :-) A passer by helped me up and tried to explain me a little about skiing. So we all had our rounds of falling, which I think was the fun part. Then we had to take the chairlift to the top and start the real action!


Well sitting on the chairs was easy; it takes you up to whatever level you are comfortable with. But the worst part was to get down, the chair pushes you down while you need to be prepared to take off, and people miserably fail the first few times. I fell many times, and enjoyed watching others fall too. Since we were in beginners section, there were plenty to accompany us. :-)

Thats How You Fall!

A colleague of mine had previously undergone some classes, so he taught us the rules and it worked well after some trials. All you have to do is move your legs apart, bend the knees inward to stop, the skis need to pivot at the front and move apart at the back. If the skis get parallel, you are accelerating all the way down! And for beginners like me who don’t know how to stop, that is when we miserably fall and roll, but by the end of the day, it’s all fun; An awesome experience. Finally at the end, I skied all the way down at beginners area, without falling and got down the chair without tripping, which made me feel good. :-)

So after all that fun, we returned back home. It was a tiring drive since my body was already aching and over that, the road conditions were not so good; icy roads. Came back home, to collapse on the bed. Two days gone, but the body ache still knocks at my door. :-) But the fall, was all worth it.

Some funny moments –

- My first fall, I did not know how to get up.
- To watch others fall.
-Crashing down into each other. I was already there lying on the snow unable to get up and my friend bumped into me crashing.
- A lady coming to me and asking
“Don’t tell me you are skiing on just jeans.”
I nod and say – “yes, I am”
She- “What’s underneath that?”
Me – “Nothing” (with a big grin)
The expression on her face was worth watching. So I had to say – “I am not feeling cold.” :-)

- Fall from the chair is always fun until you get it right.

All together a fun experience, never to be missed if you are somewhere near a ski resort. None of us took our cameras, so I do not have specific pictures, but got these from some site.



  1. I M JEALOUS !! I cant say anything more ....

  2. :-)) I am sure you will get to try this sometime.

  3. Godd that you had all this fun. The last picture is lovely. I have never tried my hand at skiing but you do make falling sound like fun.

  4. Oh my GOSH!!!! You are tempting me man. First thing I got hooked back and internet checking your blog, and you are talking about skiing. Gosh, I miss Toronto this time of year :| No snow in Shanghai at all!

  5. @Mridula - :-) Yes falling was indeed the fun part.

    @ Edmund - You should be an experienced skier. Isnt it? Why dont you, drive down to Himalayas, to skii. :-)

  6. Wow! Sounds like fun! And thats an amazing pic!

  7. Yes, it was fun...Those pictures are from net and not taken by me. Never took a camera along with us. :(

  8. yeah, I picked up skiing some 2 yrs ago, but only recently (last yr) really fell for it.

    Mainly cuz i am now snowblading (similar to rollerblading), and also want to try out snowboard sometime this winter (standing 3hrs in the subway / day for commute ought to improve my balancing... lols)

    YOu should get one of those hard-shelled camera cases; so even in case you drop it on snow, the water can't seep it. It's pretty useful ;)

  9. Wow!!The last picture is too cool. Sounds like you had fun. I haven't tried skiing yet. Should try it sometime....

  10. @edmund - Thats cool. Yes it is fun to ski. Well i the pictures were not taken by me. I just go tthem on net.

    @Travel Plaza - Yes it was great fu. Pictures are not mine. Forgot to take cameras.

  11. Lil late at posting comments(4 yrs :P)as m new to blogging world. I'l be reading ur blogs at random n posting comments.It is in all beautiful blog. Coming to skiing,i missed a chance when had been to himalaya trek in 2004.Tho have paraglided over himalayan ranges.. it was out-of-the-world experience. I shall make it a point to try skiing,"fall n learn" :)


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