Another Visit

I am in the US now, Came here this Wednesday. Until I landed in US, until I reached Colorado Springs again, I was not sure whether I need to be happy about this visit or not. Well, lot of fun in Bangalore, close to family, friends and relatives, fun and party. Was I prepared for another trip to a land so far away? But of course I had reasons to feel good about, to meet couple of people whom I met 2 years back. People I liked or admired and learnt a lot from. It would be a nice time to refresh my memories of the place were I have spent one long year of my life and I must say, I had lived that one year to the fullest. Of course there were some ups and downs as in every journey of life, but still, I regard it as one of the most satisfying experience of my life. That one year was my time of self discovery after a very troubled time; A perfect opportunity to develop myself personally and professionally.

Anyway, that was my first visit out of my country and I had all the good reasons to be excited about even though my main intension was to escape from what ever I knew back then. And now, it’s so different, for some explainable and some unexplainable reasons. Anyway, I did set off on yet another journey of my life; let’s see where it takes me.

After a rigorous shopping, buying everything I saw anywhere (that’s how I react when I am in crazy mood of shopping), after buying some gifts for friends in the US, Mahesh & I were supposed to leave home by 9:00 PM to airport, ended up going early after some calls from taxi driver saying that the airport road was blocked due to an accident.

A long wait in Bangalore airport; a not so good sleep in Bombay airport; motherly service by some nice middle aged airhostess in Air India flight who left no chance to scold the travelers, which actually appeared really weird; :-) A short waiting in Frankfurt airport; a long wait in Chicago Airport due to flight delay; laughing at every small joke that we could create on our way; all this and much more brought us to Denver.

Our friends were there to receive us. And as I stepped out of the airport and as we drove from Denver to Colorado Springs, I felt really good being back, it’s probably nice to be back for just 2 months rather than a year like last time, I convinced myself.

It’s been 3 days and I feel really good to be back, to meet couple of my colleagues and friends. Called mother, who is leaving today back to India, spoke to my sister, went on a long drive till Glenwood Springs, a place that I had come across on an unexpected trip1 year back, which has stayed with me still as one of the best places in which I enjoyed every accept of a journey – the nature, mood and weather.

So anyway, I am here now and will keep posted on what I do here, during weekends. Here are some pictures from today’s drive.
Snow Again!
Who Wouldn't Love To Drive Here?
And A Walk Here? (Thats Me)
Glenwood Springs


  1. Interesting, a drive from Denver to Colorado Springs, and there's such a big difference in scenery. Snow - melting snow - autumn surroundings...

  2. Hey, mke the most of it, visit as many places as you can and do write them all. All the other things can wait :) Have a nice time.

  3. Edmund - That drive is from Colorado Springs to Denever and from there to Glenwood springs. On the way there was snow fall, and later the pleasent autumn surroundings as u said. Lovely drive it was.

    Mridula - Thanks. I have visited a lot of places last time, I never missed a chance to travel then, and so had decided not to do much traveling this time, but you can exactly understand how difficult it is to maintain that thought. :-)

    Yes, I agree everything else can wait. :-))

  4. Those are some amazing pics!
    Have a fun trip!

  5. "That one year was my time of self discovery after a very troubled time;"

    What exactly are you meaning when you made the above statement? What troubled times are you talking about??

    Will you be writing about it on your blog or is it something too personal to put it on your blog? Anyways, I wish you have a great time in US. Give my regards to Moonshekar Middle Gowda.


  6. Hey Ajeya,
    Welcome:))If you travel to our part of the country, do let us know. Have fun and visit all the places you Mridula says, everything else can wait:)Your pics are great!

  7. @Perspective Inc. - Thanks

    @Raghu - Well of course it is very personal and I am not sure i can reveal much about it at this point. But that one year in US was one of the best thing at best time. I might try to be more revealing about it sometime. Thanks.

    Moon Shekar Middle gowda is doing fine. Will convey your message.

    @Travel Plaza - Thanks, Have a friend in Wisc but havent decided about any trips far yet. :-)

  8. Ajeya, I rarely do it but willyou care for a tag? I have tagged you from my blog.

  9. Right time to be at that place, right? with all that autumn shedding leaves and all?
    have fun there.. :)

  10. Mridula -Accepted.

    Smiling Girl - Thanks,Actually the answer is no. I am here at the begining of winter, which isnt a good time atall. Had a bad snow storm yesterday. Gets dark at 5:00PM, and its reallllly cold out here. So I was just in time, to have a glimpse of Autumn.


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