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BJ, a good friend of ours is leaving the Company for a better opportunity elsewhere. Even if we try to console each other that we would still stay in touch and shower all those nice words of parting, one cannot help noticing the fact that fun shared in togetherness shall limit itself. So on behalf of all of us, (Jon, Seb, and Sush) I would like to retake BJ, back in time, through those blissful moments that we have experienced together.

Dear BJ,

One evening, supporting your back on a wall of your house, as you sit looking out of the window, at evening sky; the green leaves; colored flowers and enjoying the evening breeze, the wind traveling by might bring back to you these expressions, these events which we once lived together -

Toy train ride around the Royal Gorge (Colorado) with a Santa clause like looking old man telling, (may be) fake stories about a pregnant deer in the woods, which never turned up during our ride.

Sitting on top of a rock near the Gorge in a meditating act, for a picture.

The mysterious girl, sitting on a rock by the river at Glenwood Canyon who made us wonder if she was depressed and at the verge of committing suicide. And the picture of her taken by me, which won lot of applause got named and renamed over and over again by everyone. (You know who named her the best).

Enjoying the lunch at Brown county National park, Indianapolis with greenery at its best and food prepared by Sush’s mom was a delicious treat.

On our way to Niagara, Seb driving royally on Interstate and missing the exit, while everyone else were sleeping at that early hour of dawn.

“Scottish inn” - Hotel near Niagara Falls, booked by Jonah online (for which we still tease him) with its age old antique like dust covered appliances and crappy rooms and toilets that took us by a terrible shock followed by an exploding laugh. And of course the, Gujarathi owner, who looking at our disappointed faces offered us a bigger room, again with similar antique pieces. Well this incident qualifies to be a post by itself.

Being surprised by the majority of Indian population at Niagara Falls and wondering if we were in India.

A debate & discussion while driving back from Niagara, on your not so common wedding plans that motivated even Seb to argue, shout and me to drive the car dangerously by turning my head at you guys sitting in the back seat.

You showing us the way to IHOP Restaurant and saying – “Pan Cakes and garden omelet is suppppppppperrrr Daaaaaaaaaaa”

Jonah & I imitating the lady at Hotel Taj and her interesting theory which we struggled to understand – 2.50…3.50...7….7,7….14. (Well, she was trying to tell us that we had to order something for not less than 14 dollars, which was some kind of a stupid rule at their hotel.)

Having a first time experience of our Sonata getting towed away at Indianapolis downtown and tracking it back by walking 8 blocks around midnight.

Delicious dinner at home, prepared by Sush’s mom, that felt like oasis in the desert. Jonah’s mimicry session on you know who. And of course Sush’s dad asking me – “Ajeyaaaaa Rao…..Nivu Mangalorru Navara?”

Unplanned trip to Sakleshpur involving journey by bus, train, Auto and a Lorry. Modern art on the walls of the hotel room, an unfinished “tracking” (trekking on railway tracks) as the test engineers on a train were kind enough to offer us a ride till the station, which apparently was a much better experience.

A fun filled expedition of the Vijayanagar Empire, at Hampi. Watching a horrible Hindi movie at probably, Hospet’s oldest theater; roof of which could have anytime collapsed down at us.

Well many more such happy moments, many more such wonderful hours, many more such moments of joy that we all have experienced together will be remembered and may be missed too. But then, they are all happy memories, at the least they would carve a smile on your face. Yes, that’s what happy memories do, they try to recreate the moments, over and over again so that we all value the hours spent, the moments lived. We will miss you BJ!


  1. AnonymousJuly 21, 2006

    Thank you Ajeya, Jonah, Seb and Sushanth.
    I could not have asked for a better farewell.
    I want you guys to know that you guys really made my decision to quit very difficult - for all the right reasons.
    I promise one thing that you are all the best set of friends I have had for a long long time now.
    I wish to cherish them and continue to get inspired by saying in touch.

    With a heavy heart....

    Yours friendly,

  2. AnonymousJuly 22, 2006

    Fantastic recollection, Rao! Well, anyone planning any trips to Pune or Bombay now? ;-) Hahaha!

  3. Ajeya, excellent wite up. I enjoy reading your posts. They are so lively:)

  4. It's always difficult to part ways with a friend, but we will always tied together with good memories.

    Check out this link! No matter how far the distance, the time; connections and bonds will be there forever:

  5. tht sure was quite nostalgic.. nd the pic pretty well summed it up...

  6. @ Raghu - Thanks

    @ Sush - already planning on one...But before you Return.

    @ Travel Plaza - Thanks

    @ Lee - Agreed. That link isnt working. Please re-send the link.

    @ Bharat - Thanks for stopping by...Been busy lately? You havent updated your blog for a long time now.


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