This Is Me

I love the evening sky
With its vibrant colors
I love the colors on sky
Captured on my little canvas
I enjoy their fly
From a lump of liquid on the pallet
To form features on a piece of paper
I admire the complexity of an art
But I am not an artist.
I am happy when the flowers smile
Between the green leaves
Thanking me for nurturing,
Nursing and for caring
I love the wet mud on my hand
Water which feeds the roots
I appreciate the beauty of my garden
But I am not a Gardener.

Visiting places, I like
Not getting attached to any one.
I love to trod on a path unknown
Admiring and appreciating every sight.
Mountains, river & deep dark forests
Or the oceans with enormous mystery within
I wish to see them all
But I am not a traveler.

I have a patient pair of ears
For words of joy and sorrow
I am a silent viewer
Of everything good or bad
People wish to talk away their sadness
As I listen to them with compassion.
With humor and fun in play
To drive away the emptiness
Understanding human nature is an interest
Yet I am not a healer.

I love to capture the moments
As a picture that lasts for ever
Man along with nature
As they compliment each other.
I want them all in a flash –
Silence, sound, crowd, stillness,
Quietness, emptiness, togetherness and confusion
Yes, I want them all in a picture
But I am not a photographer.

I wish to write about it all
How I felt that early morning,
Breeze that brought happiness
An explosion that turned silent
The unspoken words and expressions
Confusions of the mind, beauty of the nature
Or warmth of a woolen sweater
All needs to be written
But I am not a poet or a writer.

Plenty of things to know,
Countless of work to be done
Enormous of moments of joy to be lived
From millions of pleasant tasks
Many opportunities as a boon
Available for me to try
How can I confine myself to one?

Like wind that sees no restriction,
Like water that cuts its way through any obstacle
I wish to be part of everything
Yet not belonging to any.


  1. *GOLD*

    The poem is just beautiful... beautiful how you express yourself... That was really really good...

    Wonderful how you said you were not fully an artist, a gardener, a traveller etc.... and yet they are all a part of you

    Like wind that sees no restriction,
    Like water that cuts its way through any obstacle

    I wish to be part of everything
    Yet not belonging to any.

    And to critical... do a spell check
    Gardner should be gardener (I think so, not 100%)

  2. AnonymousJune 29, 2006

    This is a good one... :)

    And u know what, Gardner is the second name of my lead in the US...:)

  3. Hahahahaha :-)))

    Just couldn’t stop laughing at "Gardner" thing.....

    Harsha- You are right…It’s Gardener...

    And SG - What a Coincidence, The last name of my Project lead is also Gardner. :-))))

    That explains why I made that mistake...Keep typing the name while sending mails. :-))

  4. AnonymousJune 29, 2006

    Though I know you personally for over 8 years (its 8 years now!!!), I did not know about few of the things you have mentioned in the poem. But I know one thing,

    "But I am not a poet or a writer."

    That line in the poem is not true!!

  5. Yep its 8 long years...Its great to recall all those good old fun filled college days. I am sure some of them involving you will appear in this blog soon..."Golibaje" thing.."Electrical madam" and many more interesting stories.

    Well coming to this post, Thanks for the compliment but I was just trying to say that I do not want to be tagged under one name...Want to try it all..:-)

  6. @KandyKane - Thanks for stopping by.

  7. AnonymousJune 29, 2006

    What I meant was, you are almost there!

  8. AnonymousJune 30, 2006

    Inspiring to say the least!!!


  9. Wow, you are quite a writer! Many of the things that you listed are really true. It kinda makes me feel of how small and powerless a single human entity can be when compared against the vastness of nature and the things that encompasses the environment around us.

    PS. remember to sign my book if you publish your thoughts eh? :)

  10. @ Raghu & Bharat- Thanku

    @ Edmund - Thanks for your thoughts. Well i would wish to publish them ...not sure when that will happen. Will keep a complimentary copy reserved for you :-))))

  11. Hi Ajay,
    Great work.I appreciate it.Keep it up.Please include more pictures from gyumed tantric monastery in karnataka state.


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